Reader opinion Let the young people play – and the adults too!

The major threats to our age group than the coronavirus are cardiovascular disease.

Government has proposed closing public spaces initially for a couple of weeks but practically indefinitely. The reason, of course, is the rapidly spreading coronavirus, the effects of which range from lethal to non-existent.

Restrictions on hobbies for children and young people are planned. Their disadvantages are immediate and the effects are permanent. The same is true with group exercise for adults – the final exposure time is, of course, shorter.

The average age of the players of our volleyball team playing in the regional series of Southern Finland is over 40 years. Volleyball has been our sport for decades. In two years, we have had to suspend our playing season twice in the middle of it all. Many teams in our series have given up hope and stopped because of these bans.

A few dozen people between the ages of 40 and 60 have died of coronavirus disease in two years. Some hundreds have become seriously ill. We have conscientiously followed the recommendations for vaccines and distances, and our games have not become infected. It has not been possible to play without a corona passport.

A greater threat to our age group is cardiovascular disease. That’s why we’ve continued our training year after year, but now it’s blocked. Finding a new sport is practically too late at this age, as the old dog does not easily learn new tricks. The promise of the liberating effect of a corona passport feels like a scam in the light of recent news.

The level of risk of coronavirus should be carefully assessed in relation to the whole. Based on the figures presented, it looks small compared to other threats from our peers.

Save us – let us play.

Timo Hyvönen

volleyball player since 1979


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