Environment The Peruvian coast was covered in oil – a Tongan eruption thousands of miles away in the background

Authorities said the tsunami caused by the eruption damaged the oil tanker.

Saturday Started in the Tongan archipelago in the Pacific volcanic eruption has also wreaked havoc thousands of miles from Peru in South America.

Huge amounts of crude oil have traveled about two kilometers off the coast of the country near the capital, Lima, according to Reuters. Oil-stained birds and fish have drifted ashore. A national emergency has been declared for the area.

The oil was cleaned off the beach in Ventanilla, Peru on January 18th.

The oil has killed birds and fish.

Authorities according to the oil comes from a tanker that was unloading its cargo at a refinery in the Ventanilla area north of Lima. The high tsunami waves caused by the eruption are said to have disrupted the operation and damaged the tanker, causing oil to enter the sea.

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The video associated with this article shows the extent of the oil spill.

The tsunami caused by the eruption also raised water on the streets of cities in Peru:

Underwater a volcanic eruption raised a huge cloud of ash on Saturday, and the sound of the eruption was heard 2,300 miles away in New Zealand.

According to a statement issued by the Tongan government on Tuesday, the tsunami rose to 15 meters off the coast of the islands of the Ha’apain archipelago, 50 to 70 kilometers from the main island. A tsunami of the same height destroyed 56 buildings on the west coast of Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga.

According to the government, the evacuation of citizens from the islands is underway.

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