Column | Basic Finns have still not been acid tested as bearers of responsibility.

Basic Finns have still not been acid-tested as bearers of responsibility for four years, writes HS Vision editor Emil Elo.

Anyone at this stage, it is not known what kind of government Finland will have next. Not even Petteri Orpo, Sanna Marin or Riikka Purra.

If you meet someone who claims to know what kind of government Finland will have, you should ask to show receipts from betting.

Let them put their money where their mouth is.

Of course, there are some signs that can be used to determine who the coalition is going to play with. It is very difficult to form a government without a coalition.

As of this writing on March 31st The betting market’s favorite party with the largest number of votes is Basic Finns. However, Petteri Orpo is the favorite to become prime minister, which would mean… Well, I don’t know what it would mean, other than that in the betting market, the faith in blue and purple is at least not dead.

On the other hand The members of the coalition themselves have recently spoken clearly in background discussions in such a tone that they are interested in cooperation with basic Finns.

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Basic Finns are not called bourgeois, so it might not be a genuine bourgeois government, but there is a consensus in the air about reducing government spending.

Last time, the party lasted for two years, and basic Finns still haven’t been acid-tested as leaders for four years.

However, there are big flaws in the equation, such as the complete unpredictability of the basic Finns’ voter base.

In the parliament, in the chambers, we think about what if things go like this Juha Sipilä during the government. Then the Basic Finns had to face a brutal compromise realism, where the world is complex and ambiguous.

The situation led to a collapse of support and a split in the party.

At that time, he represented basic Finns in employment matters in government negotiations Jari Lindström tells Saturday’s (April 1st) HS Visio how, for example, the coalition led basic Finns in the negotiations. In addition, we had to come up with solutions that were unpleasant to our own voters, such as the competitiveness agreement (kiky).

Also in these elections, the chairman of Basic Finns, Purra, has hinted at merit-based grading, which would affect the everyday life of many Duna residents. During the election week, Purra also said that the party is not pushing for the transfer of kiky payments from the employee to the employer, which caused great opposition and surprise in the trade unions.

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The party had previously said that it would push for the transfer of kiky payments from the employee to the employer.

The party lasted two years in the government in the mid-2010s, and basic Finns have still not been acid-tested as the bearers of responsibility for a full four years.

One member of the coalition wondered if they want to be the party again with which the Basic Finns can test the resilience of their voters. The answer is not quite simple.

Sdp is also genuinely on the coalition’s table, even though party chairman Marin has driven Sdp very far from the coalition with his rhetoric. Demarit is a long-standing state party with a more loyal voter base than basic Finns.

It would be nice to operate with someone like that, if only a government program is created. For example, it would be easier to agree on climate and EU issues than with basic Finns. All other things are problems.

One member of the coalition commented that if the party found out about Sanna Marin’s transfer to international duties and the right-wing democrat’s Antti Lindtman from stepping into the position, they would be ready to strike right away – whoever won the election.

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However, there is no such information, and no one knows what Sanna Marin will do next.

I am got to answer this question countless times this year, i.e. at least five times: “Who will win the election?”

As a boring index fund guy, I don’t like to put money in betting. Instead, I pondered the odds and kicked the walls afterwards, wondering why there wasn’t an iota of gambler in me.

At the moment, I would say the most likely option is a government job between the coalition and basic Finns.

The center is ready to go along, as long as no one takes away the positions of the leaders of the welfare region mikälie, which are vital for Finland as a whole. The Christian Democrats are probably not even remembered to be asked, they are just reported to the government.

Then the reality TV shared by the whole of Finland starts: how long will this government or prime minister last?

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