Urban planning Helsinki City Council is now discussing the Sörnäistentunnel – Live broadcast in progress

The meeting will also decide on next year’s budget.

Helsinki the city council is due to decide today on the Sörnäistentunnel, which has become the most pressing municipal policy issue this autumn.

The city council meeting began at 4 pm HS will broadcast the Helsinki channel live.

The planned tunnel would be 1.6 kilometers long and would connect the Sörnäinen coastal road and the Hermann coastal road.

The votes has been predicted in advance on the construction side of the revolving tunnel. The vote may become rigid.

The tunnel is supported by the Coalition, and the SDP is also positioned to support the tunnel. However, the demars are divided: Elisa Gebhard voted in the city government against the tunnel, and on Tuesday Timo Harakka said he also ended up opposing the project. Magpie has said he bases his position on a survey he has commissioned with his own money.

The tunnel has been opposed by the Greens and the Left Alliance. The center has also said it is critical of the tunnel.

The movement has now said that it is in favor of the tunnel, and basic Finns are also expected to be in favor of the tunnel.

Proponents of the tunnel justify the project, among other things, by the fact that it would facilitate the flow of traffic in Kalasatama. Opponents say another investment to increase motoring should not be built in a city that aims to cut climate emissions.

Council the meeting will also decide on next year’s budget.

The budget will be discussed first, so it is to be expected that the solution to the tunnel issue will drag on well into the evening.

Sörnäinen coastal road on Tuesday afternoon.

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