United States Witness: Trump didn’t care about the guns in the audience and tried to grab the wheel of a limousine to take part in the Capitol takeover

An assistant to the Trump administration who testified before a U.S. Congressional committee of inquiry says Trump would have liked to be involved in the Capitol takeover.

Of the United States former president Donald Trumpin administrative assistant Cassidy Hutchinson says Trump wanted to take part in the Capitol riot. Hutchinson claims Trump tried to grab the wheel of the limousine after his security forces refused to take him to the convention hall.

Hutchinson said Trump had also wanted to remove the metal detectors through which the public had to come to listen to his speech at the White House before the congressional attack.

Hutchinson, Assistant Chief of Staff to the Trump Administration, testified at the sixth hearing of the U.S. Congressional Committee of Inquiry on Tuesday.

The committee of inquiry will find out what happened in Epiphany in 2021 when rioters attacked the Capitol Congress House.

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Hutchinson told Trump that Trump wanted to remove the metal detectors to make the audience who came to hear him speak larger. Trump was giving a speech in which he questioned Joe Biden won the election and incited people to the Capitol.

Trump wanted security checks on those entering the area lifted, even though his supporters were suspected of carrying guns. According to Hutchinson, Trump wasn’t worried about the guns but that the crowd didn’t look big enough.

“I don’t care if they have guns. They haven’t come to hurt me. ”

“Let people in. They can march to the Capitol from here, ”Hutchinson says Trump said.

In his testimony Hutchinson says he spoke with the White House vice chancellor and secret service official on the day of the congressional riot. According to Hutchinson, the men described in the conversation how Trump reacted when he was told he would not be allowed into the convention hall.

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According to the conversation, Trump struggled with Secret Service officials and tried to get in control of the heavily armored limousine that was carrying him.

Of the United States The New York Times and NBCAccording to information, the limousine driver and a secret service official intend to prove that Trump did not try to grab the wheel.

Trump also denies the allegations on its own social media platform.

“His [Hutchinsonin] his false story that I tried to grab the wheel of a white house limousine to get to the convention hall is sick and fraudulent, ”Trump wrote.

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