Trade Muonio buys the most online and Hartola the least – see the map to see if you prefer an online store or a stone foot in your place of residence

According to a survey by the payment service company Klarna, one in three Finns believes that they will make most of their purchases online in a year’s time.

The people of Lapland are the most enthusiastic online shoppers among Finns, according to a survey and purchase data from the Swedish payment service company Klarna.

According to the survey, Lapland residents made 20 percent more online purchases per consumer last year than consumers in Finland on average. The people of Lapland bought the most leisure and sports products and hobby equipment.

Chief Economist of the Trade Union Jaana Kurjenoja says that people living in remote areas use e – commerce the most because there are no shops nearby.

“Since the early 2010s, it has been possible to see that those living further away use e-commerce very much – in the same way that they used to sell by mail order. Recently, the same phenomenon has been seen in the fashion store, ”says Kurjenoja.

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The second highest number of online shoppers was in Ostrobothnia last year and the third highest in Uusimaa. In Ostrobothnia, online shopping was 12 per cent higher and in Uusimaa nine per cent higher than in Finland on average. Most entertainment was bought in both Ostrobothnia and Uusimaa.

According to Klarna’s survey data, the lowest number of online purchases was made in Åland last year. Online shopping was also not popular in Kymenlaakso and South Karelia.

Most of the municipalities bought online in Muonio, Utsjoki and Tammela. In these locations, consumers made more than twice as many online purchases per person as the Finnish average.

Online shopping was the least popular in Hartola, Sund, Saltvik and Forssa.

Klarnan According to the Purchasing Index, the willingness of Finns to buy online increased by eight per cent in the last quarter of last year compared to the spring.

According to the survey, one in three Finns, or 36 per cent of Finns, believes that they will make most of their purchases online in a year’s time. The figure remained almost the same in Klarna’s surveys throughout last year, but restrictions on the corona pandemic may have boosted the popularity of online shopping.

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According to the Finnish Trade Union Confederation, more than a quarter or a third of Finns may use more e-commerce in the future. The pandemic has led more and more Finns to try online shopping.

“It is clear that the readiness to use e-commerce has increased during the pandemic, especially among those who were previously reluctant to use e-commerce. Now we are not only ready to use e-commerce but also experience, ”says Kurjenoja.

Klarna conducted its survey in eleven countries, and according to the survey, Finns from all countries are most likely to get acquainted with the products online before visiting the stone foot shop.

However, the online shopping behavior of Finns is not so straightforward, as according to studies by the Finnish Trade Union Confederation, consumers in Finland are more willing to look for information in physical stores first.

According to a study by Klarna, the popularity of the smartphone in online shopping has grown over the past year. In the spring, one in four Finns preferred to shop online by phone, and in October – December almost one in three favored the phone.

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The Klarna survey was conducted in cooperation with the market research company Nepa in October – December 2021. It was answered by almost 1,700 Finns aged 18–66. Klarna’s purchase data is based on online purchases made in Klarna’s service in 2021.

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