Technology giants WSJ: Google misleads publishers and advertisers in ad auctions for years, lawsuit alleges

The prices of the auctions were manipulated as erroneous, the public prosecutor assessed in his statement to the court.

American search engine giant Google misled publishers and advertisers for years in its ad auctions, according to a federal public prosecutor in New York.

The Wall Street Journal by The prosecutor says Google maintained secret programs that distorted the sales figures of certain companies while raising the purchase prices of the ads.

Information came to light on Friday when it was decided to make the documents in a lawsuit launched in December 2020 public.

According to the WSJ, the lawsuit alleges that Google took on a distinction that publishers and advertisers were unaware of.

These funds continued to be used to manipulate subsequent auctions, the lawsuit alleges.

Lawsuit was originally declared secret, but material previously declared secret by various decisions has been revealed in the course of the proceedings.

Google said the lawsuit is based on numerous misunderstandings and has no legal basis, and said competition in the online advertising market is fierce.

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WSJ reports that a dozen states are involved with the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxtonin Google ‘s second action, alleging that Google’ s business practices illegally increase advertising prices and restrict competition.

One of the key points in this lawsuit is the allegation that Google is not providing accurate information about how ad auctions actually work, Paxton told WSJ.

Google is also to blame for the U.S. competition authorities because of its dominant position for various reasons. The U.S. Department of Justice is preparing a lawsuit against Google in conjunction with more than 30 states, the WSJ says.

The Senate also has legislative initiatives to limit Google’s power.

Likewise WSJ is reporting a lawsuit alleging CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Sundar Pichai and CEO of Meta Platforms, the former Facebook Mark Zuckerberg agreed in 2018 that Facebook would win a pre-agreed percentage of ad auctions.

It has been reported in the past that such an agreement would have been with Google’s business director Philipp Schindlerin and the chief operating officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandbergin signed, WSJ reports.

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In the Attorney General’s view, the pricing in the case was illegal.

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