Technology Apple sues NSO Group, which developed the Pegasus spyware

Apple is using the challenge to hold the NSO Group accountable for spying on users of Apple products.

23.11. 22:04

American Apple says it has sued Israeli cyber espionage company NSO Group and its parent company OSY Technologies.

Apple says in its bulletinthat it is using the challenge to hold the NSO Group accountable for spying on and controlling users of Apple products through the Israeli company’s Pegasus program.

Apple also says it intends to seek a permanent injunction prohibiting the NSO Group from using Apple’s software, services or hardware. Apple believes that this ban would prevent future harm and abuse to users of its products.

UFO Group has developed a spyware program called Pegasus, which it sells to defense, intelligence and law enforcement agencies in various countries. According to the company, its products are used to prevent terrorism and crime.

International supplier group reveal however, in the summer that the Pegasus program has been used internationally to spy on the cell phones of several politicians, business leaders, journalists, researchers and activists.

Of the United States Ministry of Commerce small plate earlier this month on the NSO Group’s sanctions list. This means that the NSO Group cannot purchase parts or components from the United States without special permission.

Apple is not the only American company to take action against the NSO Group. According to Reuters, software giant Microsoft, Facebook’s parent company Meta, Google’s parent company Alphabet and network equipment maker Cisco Systems have previously sued the NSO Group or publicly criticized its actions.

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