Survey | Almost half of Finns would completely ban the sale of nicotine pouches

The majority, or 64 percent, would tighten the legislation on nicotine pouches. Almost half would ban the sale completely.

From Finns 75 percent are concerned about the increased use of nicotine pouches by young people, according to a survey commissioned by the advocacy organization Suomen ASH ry.

The majority, or 64 percent, would tighten the legislation on nicotine pouches. Almost half would ban the sale completely. In the survey, only 16 percent opposed the tightening.

The majority of those who regularly use tobacco products were also concerned about the spread of nicotine pouch use among young people.

“The concern is justified, because especially in the Nordic countries, the use of nicotine pouches – and also snuff – among young people has increased considerably in recent years,” says the executive director of Suomen ASH ry in the press release. Mervi Hara.

Nicotine pouches are used like snuff, but unlike snuff, they do not contain tobacco.

of the Finnish ASH association chairman of the board, professor Pekka Puska according to the flavor selection of nicotine pouches attracts young people.

“With the exception of all flavorings, the taste of tobacco should be removed in order to prevent the spread of use among young people,” says Puska in the press release.

The government’s draft presentation regarding nicotine pouches is currently in the opinion round. The government’s intention is to include nicotine pouches more comprehensively in the scope of the Tobacco Act from the beginning of next year. According to the State Council, the purpose is to provide for the tobacco law, among other things, on the nicotine limit of the bags and flavor restrictions. Nicotine bags with 20 milligrams or more of nicotine are to be banned from the market.

Some EU countries have already restricted the sale of nicotine pouches. In Belgium, nicotine pouches were completely banned from the beginning of this month.

Finnish Association of ASH is a national public health organization whose goal is a smoke-free Finland.

“We promote the cessation of the use of tobacco products and nicotine products comparable to them, as well as abstinence from intoxicants,” says the organization on its pages.

The Finnish ASH ry survey was carried out by Kantar Public. In September, 2,156 people were interviewed for the survey conducted in the Gallup Forum internet panel. The margin of error of the research results at the level of the entire material is about 2.1 percentage points in each direction.

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