Smallpox Hus: Probably a monkey pox infection in Finland

Hus announced that he had diagnosed a monkey pox infection in Finland.

Helsinki and the Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) reportedly reported the first probable monkey pox infection in Finland.

An infection with an orthopox virus has been reported in an adult male patient in Hus. Monkey and smallpox viruses are orthopoxviruses. Final confirmation of monkey pox infection will be obtained when sample sequencing is completed by the end of the week.

An infection in this group was confirmed on Wednesday. The infection was acquired on a journey to Europe. A patient in home care has blisters and a high fever, but otherwise she is well. Those in close contact with the infected person have been traced and instructed to prevent the spread of the infection.

Monkey pox the virus is mainly found in West and Central Africa, and infected people have usually been in contact with wildlife. Transmission of the disease from person to person has been rare.

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Several dozen cases of monkeypox have been reported in Europe and North America over the past few weeks. Infections have been reported in individuals who have not traveled to areas where monkeypox is common. In the majority of cases, infections are suspected to be related to sex between men. To transmit the disease from one person to another, one often needs very close contact.

A person infected with monkeypox may develop blister-like skin changes resembling chickenpox, especially on the face, but they may also be present elsewhere on the body and in the genital area, Husin reports. Fever and a general feeling of illness may occur a few days before the onset of the rash.

Treatment for monkey pox is symptomatic, and the disease usually resolves on its own within a few weeks. However, severe disease is possible, especially in those whose defenses are impaired due to other illness or medical treatment.

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