Senegalese immigrant thwarts a knife robbery at a bank branch


Assault Frustration

The attacker was carrying a bladed weapon.


Twitter video screenshots

The attacker was carrying a bladed weapon.

The event occurred at the bank branch on Calle Matadepera in Sabadell.

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A Senegalese immigrant who has been in Spain for a short time last Monday thwarted a robbery at a bank in Sabadell (Barcelona), by subduing a man who threatened an employee with a knife.

As sources close to the case have informed EFE, the events occurred last Monday, April 24, at eight o’clock in the morning, just after a bank branch on Calle Matadepera de Sabadell opened its doors.

In a video recorded by a client, you can see how the assailant, who is wearing the hood of a sweatshirt, shows a knife to a worker, before which a citizen of Senegalese origin asks him to step aside and, before his refusal, he pounces on him, struggles with him to get the knife out of him and finally reduces him to the ground, where he holds him in collaboration with other employees until the arrival of the police.

According to the sources consulted by EFE, the young man of Senegalese origin had gone to the bank to obtain his first bank book after his arrival in Spain.

the assailant, who ended up in custody, is a 36-year-old man, according to sources.

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