Reader’s Opinion | Now I found out why doctors don’t like Apot

Many caregivers think Apotti works well.

I was As a patient in Jorvi Hospital. I noticed that the nurses used that terrible Abbot quite smoothly. They didn’t curse or fuss with its functions.

I asked the two nurses separately what is wrong with the Apot, when it is criticized every now and then. Both said that Apotti works just fine and even better than the previous systems. According to the nurses, even the young doctors they know are satisfied with the system and are able to live with its shortcomings. All systems always have them.

There seem to be two reasons for the doctors’ criticism of Apotti. First of all, when a person gets older, he doesn’t easily learn new things, especially if he doesn’t want to (I know the disease firsthand). Another significant reason is the one that both nurses secretly told me. Now the doctors have to do the “battery work” that they have been doing in evening jobs in private medical centers for more than 20 years, that is, to write the two-line epicrisis themselves.

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When there are no more suitable nurses running around next to you, you’ll take it on yourself.

Mikko Salste

treated patient, 76 years old, Espoo

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