Reader opinion For a tall man, the difficulties continue even in retirement

After hip surgery, I can no longer get on the back of my tall body bike.

I started my schooling in the early 1950s. I was crammed into the elementary school pulpit, where I sat with my legs curled up and my knees on the cover plate closed. As a teenager, I reached a measure of 187 centimeters. The big size brought credibility but also problems: the big size shoes (shoe number 47) were hard to come by. Especially the ones you should have. We had to choose the ones that fit.

I worked mainly in the tourism industry. The benches on the planes were always cramped – unless you happened to get a seat at the security exit. For a couple of hours or so, kneeling in your mouth is quite a bit of torture.

When I retired, I knew all I could do. But aging is unfortunately more than just numbers. I had hip surgery. The surgery went well, but the trajectory of the foot was reduced so much that I could no longer get on the back of my tall body bike.

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I don’t want to give up my hobby of cycling. I decided to buy a large women’s bike that is easy to get on. I thought it was clear that there are women, after all. I started looking at recycling centers. Was not found. I inquired about specialty stores in the field. Was not found.

Now a tip for product designers and marketers: the average age is rising, the average size is growing and the elderly are also exercising. Hip surgeries are also becoming more common. We don’t want to move just in a rocking chair.

Otto Favén


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