Product recalls Lidl’s tomato soup may contain pieces of plastic – Products are requested to be returned to the store

The product has been sold in all Lidl stores in Finland.

In Lidl The tomato soup for sale may contain pieces of plastic, which is why the product will be withdrawn from sale, the Finnish Food Safety Authority informs.

According to the agency, this is Kania tomato soup with vegetables and meatballs (570 ml) sold on a dry shelf and kept at room temperature. The meatballs in the product may contain pieces of plastic.

No pieces of plastic have been detected in Finland, but the product is being withdrawn from sale as a precautionary measure.

Lidl asks customers to return those products to the store and states that they will refund the price of the product.

The product has been sold in all Lidl stores in Finland.

For more information, customers are asked to contact Lidl’s customer service by phone on 0800 05435 or by e-mail

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