Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00, here’s our review!

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 recently happened to me, it is a really interesting monitor that comes from a brand that we can now categorize as almost always a guarantee. Anyway, after some time of intense use and testing I’m finally ready to tell you what I think.

Will I like this Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00? Let’s find out together!

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00, the complete review!

Before starting, as always I want to carve out a small space to briefly describe the product. This Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 is a monitor developed by the company that takes its name and was primarily intended as an office monitor.

There are some interesting goodies such as the Windows Hello certification for face unlock and an integrated microphone. However, this does not mean that it is not suitable for other purposes, no more chatter and let’s start with the review!

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

Unboxing and features

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 comes in the classic monitor box. Everything is diligently protected from any tossing that may occur during transport. Taking the monitor out of the package is very easy and inside it we can find the following:

  • 1x Monitor with attached pedestal
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 1x USB-C to USB-A / CY cable
  • 1x Power cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Quick Manual

But now let’s get a little more into the technical, as we have a pretty good monitor in front of us and it would be a shame not to delve into the related strengths! We are faced with a 27 inches, with an LCD panel that features IPS technology. The display is fully coated with anti-glare technology and the maximum supported resolution is 2560 x 1440 at 75 Hz overall.

The aspect ratio is 16: 9 and the pixel density is high with 108.79 PPI. Too bad for the 4ms responseI honestly expected a little less.

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

There is no shortage of specific viewing modes which we will discuss later. Now let’s move on to the entrances that will surely interest you a lot, we have:

  • 1x HDMI 1.4
  • 1x DisplayPort 1.2
  • 1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 (up to 65W power output, video transfer capability)
  • 4x USB 3.2 (attached fast charging BC 1.2)
  • 1x Audio output

Rest assured because in the course of the review we will analyze everything in detail!

Then there are the two built-in 5W speakers. Finally, the great gem of this monitor is the 5 MP webcam with built-in microphone with noise cancellation. The webcam has a certification for using Windows Hello (hence has sensors for facial recognition).

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Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

Simple installation and initial start-up

One of the aspects to take into account when buying a monitor is undoubtedly the difficulty related to assembly. In this regard, you have to be more than calm. This Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 will only need to tighten a screw, an operation which, among other things, can be performed without the need for screwdrivers using a metal handle. Once this is done, the joint between the monitor and the base takes place automatically and in a few seconds.

Completed these simple steps, once the device is connected to the power you are ready to go! I want to say a few words about the monitor base right away. I absolutely loved that it is height and tilt adjustable.

Having this Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 also a webcam, finding the right position is almost essential for correct use. Not only then will it be possible to tilt and rotate the monitor at will, but it is also possible to adjust it in height (obviously until the space of the stand bar is exhausted).

The only minor flaw is that unlike other monitors, during the rotation there is no detachment that indicates that the default position that sees the monitor completely symmetrical has been reached. It is nonsense but in any case I point it out as the symmetry of the monitor will have to be checked by eye.

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

A very good user experience!

Beyond the assembly, for sure you will be curious to know how this monitor behaves during use. I want to reassure you immediately: Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 is an excellent workmate and more! The graphic rendering is really excellent, the small dimensions are excellent and I have not noticed any kind of defect regarding the quality of the display.

The choices made regarding the panel offer a good graphic rendering, even in the presence of direct sun. Furthermore, the colors are not bad and well defined at all, unlike other monitors I have not at all felt the need to hang out in the settings to improve the performance.

The problem with this type of monitor is another and can be summed up precisely in the energy class. We are faced with a device of energy class G and this is probably due to the chosen panel which is very costly in terms of resources. In these reviews I want to be as detailed as possible, so for me it is only right to specify that if you are looking for a highly energy efficient monitor this is not for you.

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Leaving aside this type of problem, Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 will give you a lot of satisfaction and below I want to go into more specifics.

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

A perfect office monitor!

One of the aspects that most convinced me of this Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 is certainly the presence of a Type C input. This is because it allows all devices that support this dynamic to abandon the HDMI cable and use the Type C data cable to connect the PC to the monitor also as a video output.

This is undoubtedly an excellent achievement that minimizes the use of cables and bulky adapters. Furthermore, by connecting a Type C cable to the monitor, you will be able to take advantage of all the inputs on the back of it, finding yourself with the PC free from a thousand thousand cables sticking out and with the possibility of attaching the main peripherals such as mouse and keyboard directly to the back of the monitor.

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

For many, the order on their workstation is important and with the Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 they will be on the safe side. It is clear that if you are a gamer and want to opt for the Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 you will be almost obliged to use the DisplayPort to get the best possible gaming experience, however considering that it is mainly an office monitor, the Type C input is really essential. Furthermore, for greater productivity it will also be possible to recharge your devices always through this Type C cable.

Practical example: if you have a laptop, you can connect it to the monitor and with a single cable you will have both a constant PC recharge and a second monitor ready to use!

However, there is a problem that I found myself facing regarding the use of the Type C cable as a video source. Even if the monitor is in stand-by, turning on a PC already connected via a Type C cable the video source it is not recognized automatically when you wake up the monitor but it will be necessary to proceed manually through the pad on the back. This is certainly a software problem but it is quite annoying.

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

A really rich and well thought out menu

This Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 unlike many other monitors, to my delight it has a single button that will allow you to navigate in all menus. It is a kind of physical pad that can be moved in the 4 main directions. I must say that at first I was very doubtful, but after some tests I came to the conclusion that it works much better than the classic keys placed under or behind the display.

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This is because it is much less confusing and above all well organized. You will not have to go into the settings to raise and lower the volume of the speakers for example and above all navigating the menus is elementary!

More specifically, within the menus of this Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 there is everything you need. For example, you can customize the default profiles which are the classics available on each monitor and are summarized as follows:

  • FPS
  • Racing
  • RTS
  • Gamer 1
  • Gamer 2
  • LowBlue Mode
  • Easy Read

I particularly liked the two “Gamer” profiles because they were inserted for the purpose to guarantee the user the ability to fully customize the yield according to their preferences. The mode dedicated to reading can be very useful if you do a job where you sit a lot to read, while the LowBlue Mode, as you well know, protects your eyesight so it never hurts!

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

Webcam and sound not at the top

Unfortunately, this Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 has two major flaws that I cannot ignore in any way. The first is undoubtedly the sound which, as per tradition, does not go beyond a bland office use. For example, if you are used to listening to music and watching movies during your breaks, the quality is by no means the best, even worse if you are used to gaming.

The speakers are there and they are certainly something more that does not force you to buy an external system, however, unfortunately, the quality is slightly below average.

Another Achilles heel is the webcam, not so much for the Windows Hello functions, on the contrary those work very well and the certification is certainly deserved. The PC unlocks nine times out of 10 and lightning fast. However, I was disappointed with the general graphic rendering. Just to understand if you are not in an ideal light condition, the video quality is slightly poor. The microphone on the other hand is average and I can’t complain.

Surely that of Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00 is a room more than suitable for corporate and university calls but its use stops thereif you are looking for something for professional video use you must obviously opt for external webcams.

Philips LCD 27E1N5600HE / 00

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