Jazz Kitchen Superposition made new music into a hundred-year-old music video and made it look brand new

The Loud Silents Festival could be mistaken for a film festival, but it is also really a music festival, writes Katri Kallionpää.

From what music show?

That’s what he asked Mary Ellen Bute in his animated film a hundred years ago – and also replied: It looks like abstract shapes and colors moving in a certain heartbeat.

Superposition aka Linda Fredriksson (left), Mikael Saastamoinen, Olavi Louhivuori and Adele Sauros, performed at the Loud Silents Festival in Kino Regina on Sunday.

It looks like the short films Bute made between 1930 and 1950 with his future spouse Ted Nemethin with. These music videos of their time were shown on Sunday at the Loud Silents Festival in Kino Regina, the central library in Oodi.

Music the drummer played in the film screening Olavi Louhivuoren Superposition band. So it presented its own interpretation of what Bute’s visuals sound like when played with instruments.

And they sounded great. The superposition dived into the moving colors and patterns of Mary Ellen Butte and gave them content, in a word, a soul.

At its wildest, the strata were in a short film in which Bute sought to portray Johann Sebastian Bachin music, Superposition in turn Buten Bach visuals.

A glimpse of Bach may have been heard in some as well Mikael Saastamoisen in bass transport or Adele Sauroksen and Linda Fredriksson in saxophone patterns. But there was also an existential melancholy in the music that Bach, Bute, and their contemporaries did not yet know anything about.

Sounds like complicated?

Not at all.

A few weeks ago Superposition performed at We Jazz together with the poet Elsa Töllin with and convincingly showed how much jazz and stage music have in common. So I had to go see how the music in the Superposition works with the live image. The Loud Silents Festival provided an opportunity for that.

The event, which was founded in Tampere in 2013, could be mistaken for a film festival focused on silent films. In fact, it is also a music festival. Namely, films are always accompanied by a live musical performance that can represent different types of music from electronic to contemporary music, folk and jazz.

Not only does the festival bring out amazing films and their creators, music can at its best give films a new life.

Otto Kylmälä, the artistic director, filmmaker and producer of the festival, is from Tampere. He studied and worked in Prague, London and Vilnius. He currently works at the National Audiovisual Institute in Helsinki and also continues to write and direct films.

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Loud Silents Festival artistic director Otto Kylmälä said by phone that the idea is to find a suitable artist for each classic film selected for the festival.

By what principle does Kylmälä combine different bands and films?

“By intuition,” he replies.

“Music evokes different images in me. Then I think about what works for any film. ”

The musician or band sees the movie in advance. He can choose to compose entirely new music for the film or to improvise and utilize his previous compositions.

Nine-year-old the biggest production of the festival has been a couple of years ago A song about a fiery red flower In the hall of Tampere House. Jonne Valtonen The music composed by the Tampere Philharmonic was performed by the conductor Günter Buchwaldin under.

“After that, Tampere became too small for the festival. It was time to move to Helsinki, ”Kylmälä jokes and then explains:“ Once the biggest dream and goal had been achieved in Tampere, it seemed natural to continue in Helsinki. ”

The festival was held in Helsinki for the second time. This year, too, the festival featured representatives of many different genres of music, including the pianist and producer Matias Tyni, producer of experimental electronic music Noah Kin, multi-instrumentalists Joakim Berghäll, trumpet players Ilkka Arola, singer, songwriter Lau Nau, Jimi Tenor and Jori Hulkkonen and Vallila Klezmorim.

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At least For Superposition and Mary Ellen Butte, Kylmälä’s intuition seems to have worked great.

For a listener like me, for whom early music animation is the same as Walt Disney Fantasy dating from 1940, the experience was eye-opening.

There are some amusing similarities between Bute and Disney movies. Bute’s visuals were reminiscent of abstract patterns from the beginning of Fantasy. A charismatic conductor also appeared in both films Leopold Stokowski.

But the difference also became clear: Where Disney illustrates classical compositions as stories, Bute focuses on the imagery generated by the music, which Superposition interprets from its own point of view.

Superposition improvises music into Mary Ellen Bute’s visuals.

Therefore, in this performance, Bach was no longer Bach, but perhaps more the longing of a man living in a chaotic, unpredictable world for Bach’s architectural, clear, and beautiful world.

Music no need to look any. Music is what it is – for everyone.

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