Ice hockey | HIFK went to pick up the rökäletapti from Vaasa

Sport’s offensive equipment made HIFK clear.

In November in the 25 first matches of the season they played by the end of the season, Sport scored an average of 2.2 goals, but at the beginning of December, the offensive machinery of the Vaasa team has started to wake up.

On Saturday night, HIFK got to experience the effectiveness of Sport in the men’s hockey league, which left Vaasa with a 1–6 loss on its head for the journey home.

In its two games in December, Sport has scored a total of 11 goals. Once again, all the attackers from the first chain led by the Swedes were successful Jens Lööke (1+0), Axel Holmström (1+1) and Simon Hjalmarsson (1+2). Behind the Swedish tip as well Jesse Paukku scored two goals and the second center Sebastian Stålberg one.

The people of Vaasa would have had chances to score even more goals during the evening. For example, Lööke missed a penalty shootout in the opening set, but made up for his failure in the second set with a drive through.

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“We are a team that likes to defend, but it is not out of attack. Our Swedes have scored a lot of goals, but now the rest of us have also scored more,” said Paukku.

Before Saturday, Paukku had only scored one goal this season.

“There were a lot of places, especially at one point. Maybe even a small burden arose somewhere.”

HIFK briefly got into the game in the second period, which it dominated for the first 15 minutes. In mid-November, transferred to the HIFK knot Kristian Vesalainen scored his first goal in the ranks of the Helsinki team and briefly narrowed the gap to two goals.

Sport Janne Keränen (0+2) played the 800th league match of his career on Saturday and Juho Tommila the 400th league game of his career. Juhlakalu Keränen recorded two assists.

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