Greens Greens’ Atte Harjanne admits that the division of ministers is annoying: The situation can look “pretty wild and miserable” to the outside world, he says

Atte Harjanne, Vice-President of the Greens, says he supports the ministerial elections made on Monday. Emphasizing experience was important to him in his choices. “I don’t feel like I’m on the sidelines in any way,” Harjanne says.

The Greens Vice-Speaker, Member of Parliament Atte Harjanne admits that he is upset that he did not become elected minister on Monday when the Greens organized their ministerial group.

At the same time, Harjanne says that he supports the solutions made. Nor does he feel that the mandate given to him by the party assembly has been ignored.

Harjanne was considered one of the strong ministerial candidates for the party chairman Maria Ohisalon while remaining on family leave. One reason was that he got the most votes when the party meeting elected vice-chairmen for the party at the September party meeting.

“Yeah, annoying. But this is the result of informed decisions and I have been making and supporting them myself. In this equation, the portfolio for me did not match the best overall, even though I was ready for the task. I don’t feel like I’m on the sidelines in any way, ”says Harjanne.

At the same time, he says he has emphasized himself that the situation may look “pretty wild and miserable” and that it is good for the party to be aware.

“I understand that on the outside it may seem that the right-liberal man got a lot of support in the party assembly and now he is closing the doors one after another, even if that is not the case. Even my sayings may not convince everyone of this. As a party, we need to show in the line, in our dealings and in the message across the board that this is not the case. ”

Green made ministerial elections at a joint meeting of the party’s parliamentary group and party council on Monday, as the party’s chairman, interior minister Ohisalo, will be on parental leave later this year.

Chairman of the party’s parliamentary group Emma Kari was elected Minister of the Environment. Ohisalo returns to this place from his parental leave. The current Minister of Climate and Environment will become the Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen.

Earlier, MP and the party’s new vice-chairman were elected to replace Ohisalo in the party leadership. Iiris Suomela.

Ridge was primarily willing to become interior minister. However, at Monday’s meeting, he was also nominated as environment minister, a vote he clearly lost. Your ridge only got one vote.

He withdrew from the Interior Minister’s vote before the vote, as did the party’s vice chairman Hanna Holopainen.

There was a view in the party that not all ministers could come from Helsinki, which Harjannek agreed with. So the Secretary of State Pekka Haavisto as Kari and Ohisalok are from Helsinki.

Green choices and the absence of the ridge without a minister provoked some discussion on social media on Monday and Tuesday, for example. Particular attention was paid from outside the Greens.

Based on a round of HS calls, the Greens themselves felt Monday’s meeting was relatively good-natured, despite an in-depth discussion. The elections are not believed to have left large gaps in the party.

Several Greens emphasize that the choices ultimately placed a particular emphasis on experience.

Emma Kari is the party’s more experienced guard, second-term MP and chairman of the parliamentary group. Kari has a master’s degree in environmental science, which was also considered an advantage for the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Karin is believed to bring “torque” to the potentially awkward government climate talks ahead in the spring, as Ohisalo put it after Monday’s meeting. Ohisalo’s return to the Minister of the Environment and Climate, in turn, is believed to bring visibility to themes important to the party, which influenced Mikkonen’s desire to transfer to another position.

Mikkonen has also experienced as a minister and Member of Parliament for a second term. His ministry was also supported by the fact that he is from Joensuu, not Helsinki like other party ministers.

In this respect, Atte Harjanne, a Member of Parliament from the first term, was weaker, although many predicted a fairly visible future for him in the party.

Many recognize the hopes of increasing the party’s polyphony and see that a politician like Harjante has a big order, even though he has not now become a minister.

The ridge is considered representative, for example a slightly more right-hand line than many other party key locations.

There are also a relatively large number of women in the places visible in the green at the moment. This has sparked a debate over whether it would be easier for the party to appeal to a wider electorate if men were more prominent.

Paying a lot of attention to sex still seems to annoy some in the greens. It is recalled from the party’s ranks that, for example, the leader of the Greens has been men in recent years.

BarjanNE emphasizes that he can, of course, pursue the line he represents, even if he has not been elected Minister. The place of the vice-chairman is prominent in the party.

He told on tuesday also that he is interested in chairing the party’s parliamentary group when Kari takes over as minister.

“I don’t think so [puoluekokouksen antamaa] mandate has not been disputed by anyone. And I think it’s widely understood that that’s what it said. I have no feeling marginalized in any way. “

Your ridge himself felt that emphasizing experience was now important in party choices. There are limited seats and regional elections, for example, are close by.

“I don’t think it makes sense to prioritize our own position, but the whole and the promotion of important things.”


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