Electricity Comparison: Differences in tens of euros in basic electricity transmission charges between companies

According to the comparison of the Finnish Home Association, the basic fee for electricity transmission is EUR 2.54 at the cheapest and EUR 37.56 per month at the most expensive.

Electricity transmission companies There are considerable differences in pricing, according to a comparison from the Finnish Home Association. Basic fees can vary by as much as € 35 a month.

According to the comparison, the basic fee for electricity transmission is the cheapest EUR 2.54 per month and the most expensive EUR 37.56 per month.

Järvi-Suomen Energia charges the most expensive basic fee for electricity transmission, with a basic fee of EUR 37.56 per month. Kajave (37.30 euros / month), Kuoreveden Sähkö (35.99 euros / month), Savon Voima Verkko (34.92 euros / month) and Parikkala Valo (34 euros / month) charge the next highest basic electricity transmission fee.

The cheapest basic fee is at Nykarleby Kraftverk, which charges a basic fee of 2.54 euros per month. A basic fee of less than five euros can also be found at Jeppo Kraft Andelslag (3.39 euros / month), Tampere Sähköverkko (3.98 euros / month), Keravan Energia (4.50 euros / month) and Haukipuhtaan Sähköosuuskunta (4.81 euros / month) .

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The most expensive energy fee for electricity transmission, ie the price per kilowatt hour, is with Enontekiö Sähkö, which charges an energy fee of 5.90 cents per kilowatt hour. The cheapest price can be found at Turku-Energia, which charges an energy fee of 1.75 cents per kilowatt hour.

By comparison The Home Association wants to make electricity transmission price information more transparent. In connection with the reform of the Electricity Market Act, significant reductions in electricity transmission prices were promised to electricity users in the coming years.

Executive Director of the Detached Association Marju Silanderin According to the association, a major concern is that any changes to the control model will not lead to real price reductions for electricity payers and that the savings promised to consumers in the reform of the electricity market law will not be realized.

Therefore, according to Silander, the Detached Association will launch company-specific price monitoring.

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“Because transmission companies operate in a monopoly position, controls need to be tight,” Silander says in a statement from the Finnish Home Association.

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