Afghanistan Dozens of athletic women fled a terror regime in Afghanistan on Wednesday: “The Taliban will not let us play or get jobs”

Sport has proved impossible since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan.

Dozens athletic Afghan women managed to escape the Taliban’s regime of terror on a charter flight organized by Qatar on Wednesday, AFP news agency said.

The women who flew from Kabul to Doha, the capital of Qatar, exuded relief and optimism, according to AFP. Flights organized by the Qatari state are described by AFP as a rare lifeline.

“This is a very great day for all of us,” the basketball player heading for Canada Tahera Yousofi, 28, told AFP.

“The Taliban won’t let us play or get jobs, so unfortunately we have to leave this country.”

Yousofi was allowed to play and practice his sport freely before the rise of extremism. Now it is impossible again.

Sport was also completely banned from women when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. Men’s sports were also restricted.

Athletes and in addition to their families, Afghans visiting their home countries boarded the flight.

Their return to their new homelands failed as planned due to the Taliban’s rapid victory. For example, 22- and 26-year-olds living in the UK Sef Amirin and Zohra Amirin the two-week visit lasted two and a half months.

“The Taliban broke my aunt’s leg when she went out, so this has been really scary and sad for us. As women, we want the same freedom as boys, ”Zohra Amiri said.

The state of Qatar began evacuation flights on the last day of August. They are flown on average twice a week. Those on the flight will be able to take a corona test in Qatar and can rest before continuing their journey to their destination.

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