Visual arts The cleaners collided with works of art in the desert warehouse, the author was identified by an online search – the value of the discovery is up to millions of dollars

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by a visual artist who died in 2016 will wrap up the buildings next month.

Mechanic Jared Whipple made a wild art discovery while investigating the contents of an abandoned barn in Connecticut, USA in September 2017.

Originally, he had received a tip for a place from a friend whose company had been commissioned to clear an old barn that had been deserted for years. Whipple, who excelled as a collector of old cars and parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, became immediately interested.

To his surprise, Whipple and his friends found hundreds of paintings and sculptures wrapped in protective plastic in the barn. The packages were covered in dust, dirt and animal droppings.

“It was shocking for us to see how someone’s life’s work had been thrown in the rubbish bin to be taken to a landfill. We decided that part of the collection should be preserved, ”Whipple recalled at in August 2018.

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At first the men planned to make an unusual work for the upcoming Halloween day of the art exhibition, but that plan was quickly abandoned.

After examining the works more closely, the friends began to find out about their author. The most common signature of the works was not told much by F. Hines, but one of the paintings from 1961 read the author’s full name Francis Mattson Hines.

The name produced a picture of the cloth-covered Washington Square Park Arc de Triomphe in a Google image search. The book appears in the attached Instagram post:

“It was the same type of fabric on which most of the paintings and each sculpture were wrapped. There was also a ton of the same fabric in the shed. Bingo!” writes Whipple.

The men recovered all the works. It turned out that the shed had probably been one of Hines’ (1920–2016) studios.

Hines is not one of the most iconic contemporary artists, but equally known – especially in his old hometown of New York, where his most prominent works were born.

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Hines was born in 1920 in Washington. He studied at the Cleveland School of Art and moved to New York after the war. In the 1960s, Hines painted and made sculptures. However, Hines, who represented abstract expressionism, is best known for the New York buildings he wrapped in cloth in the 1970s and 1980s.

These included the Arc de Triomphe in Washington Square Park, the Port Authority bus terminal and part of the JFK Airport terminal building.

The Instagram post below shows a picture of a building packaged by Hines in New York in 1979.

Hines’ work has been compared several times Christo Vladimirov Javacheffin and Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebonin that is, a couple of artists like Christon. Hines and Christo began packing at about the same time in the 1960s.

When Jared Whipple began to study the stages of Hines, he got in touch with the artist’s legacy, which gave Whiple permission to keep the works and sell them.

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Art historian and curator Peter Hastings Falk has estimated that the prices of the found works range from $ 4,500 to $ 22,000. Reporting the discovery in an American newspaper the total value of the barn collection is estimated at several million dollars.

Whipple presented works of art last year at an art gallery in Waterbury, after which he decided to sell some of the works.

Thirty scarce salvaged works will soon be on display at two Hollis Taggart galleries in New York and Southport, Connecticut. The opening is in May.

Whipplen art discovery have written in the past, among others Artnet News and The Guardian.

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