Urban Planning | An upheaval awaits the southern part of Lauttasaari: Tower building and apartments for thousands

Heikkiläanukio is becoming more spacious than it is now, when the car traffic intersection changes its shape.

Lauttasaari an upheaval awaits the southern parts, when new apartments for thousands of new residents will be built in the Vattuniemi area in the coming years.

The city of Helsinki is planning additional construction along Heikkiläntie and Itälahdenkatu and near Heikkilänaukio, which would bring apartments to around 3,200 residents.

New housing is being planned for Heikkilä square in Lauttasaari.

The additional construction will be located on the plots of 16 private properties, which currently have mainly industrial buildings or old industrial buildings or warehouses that have been partially converted into offices.

More than 114,000 floor square meters are planned for residential construction. The total number of jobs would remain roughly the same as today, i.e. 2,000–4,000, even though the size of the job areas will shrink.

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“The goals have been, among other things, that the plan change secures housing production, preserves business opportunities, improves traffic arrangements and gives the possibility to build a new school and daycare center in the future”, characterizes the plan change the architect Paula Kinnunen from the field of urban environment.

Particularly a big change is planned for Heikkilä square, which will get more space when the car traffic intersection changes its shape.

New apartment buildings have been arranged on the northern edge of Heikkilä square. The tallest of them would be 12 stories, so that its four lowest floors form a line of the same height as the part of the building to be preserved.

During the new construction, a pedestrian walkway would be cut through the now unified block, which would continue the line of Itälahdenkatu.

The traffic arrangements would change in such a way that bus traffic is concentrated more along Itälahdenkatu than at present.

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The plot of the former daycare center Särjen is being expanded so that in the future, not only a daycare center but also a school can be built there. The two most valuable industrial properties are to be protected.

Resident feedback on the change has been mixed. Some residents welcome the change with joy, some consider the additional construction too massive.

The Helsinki City Environment Board decided to leave the plan change on the table on Tuesday.

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