Urban culture Inventor Käpylehto made an alternative to rockets: Illuminated ice carousel spins in Pikkukoski, Helsinki

The motor was not needed to run the carousel, as a large number of volunteers appeared to run the carousel and help with the construction work.

Helsinki In Pikkukoski, on the evening of New Year’s Day, there is a 25-meter illuminated carousel, which is also a sauna.

This is an inventor Janne Käpylehdon the latest flash of intelligence. He has made ice carousels before, but this time the idea was specifically to build a work of light.

“I’ve never been a fan of bombs and rockets. I wondered if a technical solution could be found for this. That’s the magic of the LEDs, ”Käpylehto describes.

Ice carousel in Pikkukoski

The ice on the Vantaanjoki River turned out to be surprisingly thick, so the carousel is at least guaranteed to be safe. The cone with his friends started working with a chainsaw at noon on the eve, it started spinning after six in the evening.

Käpylehto has no commercial purpose, he just wants to make people happy.

“Many residents in the vicinity have also offered to help and ask if we need something. An engine was also reserved for running the carousel, but it was not needed. This is all about manpower, ”says Käpylehto.

Carousel in the dark

The ladies in the carousel shine in front of about a kilowatt. The sauna was added on New Year’s Day and the carousel is scheduled to run for at least the rest of the evening.

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