United States A woman dies after being shot in a Western film shot in the United States – Police say gun fired by actress Alec Baldwin

“Baldwin voluntarily made statements and answered questions. No charges have been brought and no arrests have been made, ”a police spokesman said.

Stateside The 42-year-old woman has died after being shot in Western film filming. According to police, the weapon used as props had been used by a Hollywood star Alec Baldwin.

The 48-year-old director of the film was also wounded in the shooting of the Rust film in New Mexico.

The sheriff of Santa Fe says in a statement to the photographer Halyna Hutchins and instructor Joel Souza received a bullet when Baldwin fired a gun. Hutchins was flown to the hospital where he was found dead.

Souza receives treatment at another hospital. A sheriff spokesman told entertainment magazine Hollywood Reporter that Souza was in critical condition.

Production a spokesman told the same newspaper that the “accident” involved the firing of a props gun loaded with bangs. Shooting has been paused for the time being.

Police are investigating the case. Police said detectives interviewed Baldwin about how the shooting took place.

“Baldwin voluntarily made statements and answered questions. No charges have been brought and no arrests have been made, ”a police spokesman said.

Santa Fe New Mexican released pictures of the shocked-looking Baldwin that had been taken at the filming parking lot after the accident.

The shooting happened at Bonanza Creek Ranch near the town of Santa Fe. The space is a favorite filming location for Hollywood productions.

In the descriptions there are usually strict rules on the use of props weapons, but related accidents have occurred in the past.

One of the most famous cases is from 1993. The late actor and martial arts champion Bruce Leen son Brandon Lee died at the time in the filming of The Crow. He was shot during the shootings with a gun that was supposed to fire bangs.

Familiar with numerous films and series, 63-year-old Baldwin plays the title role in the film Rust Harland Rust and is one of the film’s producers. Familiar from the Supernatural series, among others, has been washed into other roles in the film Jensen Ackles and starring Ragnar Lothbrok in the Vikings series Travis Fimmel.

Baldwin has previously starred in films including Red October Hunting and Mission: Impossible – Fallout. He also starred in one of the lead roles in the comedy series 30 Rock.

In recent years, Baldwin has received incense after presenting the previous president of the United States Donald Trumpia sketch entertainment series on Saturday Night Live. Trump himself was annoyed by Baldwin’s performance, but the actor grabbed an Emmy for his role.

Souza, who traces the shooting in the hospital, has previously directed and written the crime films Crown Vic and Break Night, among others.

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