United States | A US woman tries to overturn her traffic ticket citing the rights of the fetus in Texas – “It doesn’t make sense that two different laws rule differently”

Texas woman Brandy Bottone is trying to get her traffic ticket overturned on the grounds that her unborn child is a “person” in the eyes of the law. The legal expert estimates that loopholes related to the rights of the fetus will continue to be dealt with in the courts in the United States.

American woman will appear in court on July 20, demanding that the traffic fine he received be annulled.

What makes the case special is that the woman justifies the annulment of her fine with the Supreme Court’s decision to remove the universal right to abortion, which shook the United States. Several US media, such as a news channel, are reporting on the matter CNN and The Washington Post.

Living in Texas Brandy Bottone received a traffic fine at the end of June for driving in a car lane intended for cars carrying at least two passengers. The purpose of special lanes is to reduce emissions and congestion caused by traffic, encouraging people to carpool.

Bottone was alone in his car when the police stopped him and asked if there were other passengers in the car.

“I told the police that it is. He asked where, and I pointed to my stomach saying ‘this is here,'” Bottone told CNN.

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“The police said that there must be two people in the car and that this does not count. I was quite upset and I told the police that I’m not trying to make this political, but in light of everything that’s happened, doesn’t he understand that it’s a baby.”

The reasoning of Bottone, who was 34 weeks pregnant, did not convince the police, and she was fined. When another clerk recorded Bottone’s statement about what happened, he said, according to Bottone, that “if you take the matter to court, the fine will probably be annulled”.

Bottone the case is an example of how a recent Supreme Court decision raises new questions about the rights of fetuses.

The repeal of US abortion rights in June gave each state the right to decide its own abortion laws. As a result of the decision, abortion was banned in several states – including Texas, where a fetus is defined as a “person” in local criminal law.

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The new laws could affect health care and infertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization and the treatment of ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages.

Former Los Angeles County District Attorney interviewed by CNN Loni Coombs according to this, there are probably more legal cases ahead regarding the “personal status” of the fetus.

“If we talk about the fetus as a person, there are many other legal rights involved: Does the fetus entitle to tax deductions? Does the fetus have the right to citizenship? Is the fetus entitled to child support? These will be asked and probably addressed in the courts,” said Coombs.

Despite her decision to take the $215 traffic ticket to court, Brandy Bottone did not comment to CNN about her views on the Supreme Court’s decision.

“It [yleisen aborttioikeuden kumoaminen] is not the reason for my position. It just doesn’t make sense to me that two different laws have different lines,” Bottone reasoned, referring to the conflict between Texas traffic law and criminal law, whether an unborn child is considered a person.

Last on Friday, July 8, the President of the United States Joe Biden signed a presidential executive order that seeks to make it easier for Americans to access abortion. Biden’s order is the president’s countermeasure to the US Supreme Court’s decision, which overturned nearly 50 years of US abortion rights.

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Received a lot of media attention Roe v. Wade – the reversal of the preliminary ruling has sparked numerous protests across the United States.

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