Traveling With a Finnish passport, you can travel third freely, says the listing

The Finnish passport covers 189 destinations, and only 26 in Afghanistan.

Gap between the countries of the world in terms of freedom to travel has become more extensive than before, says the consulting company Henley & Partners listing.

Since 2006, a company with a London background has arranged passports on the list according to how many destinations they have access to without having to obtain a visa in advance.

In a recent review dated Tuesday, Finland ranks third with Italy, Luxembourg and Spain. The passports of those countries entitle the applicant to travel to 189 destinations.

The Afghan passport, which ranks 111th, has access to only 26 countries.

At the top of the list, according to Henley & Partners, even the record-breaking freedom of travel is enjoyed.

Thus, especially in the wealthy countries of the northern hemisphere, passports make it increasingly possible to travel between countries. However, the distinction between tip and tail has become widest throughout the 17-year history of the listing.

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Listing is based on data from the International Air Transport Association (Iata) of the Aviation Industry Association and covers a total of 199 countries or other territories and 227 destinations.

However, the listing points out that temporary travel restrictions imposed due to a pandemic may affect the strength of passports.

At the top of the list are Japan and Singapore, whose passports entitle them to travel to 192 countries without a visa obtained in advance.

The third place is not the highest ranking for Finland, as Finland has been in the top position on the list for several years and in the worst place in the fourth place. Compared to last year, the ranking remained unchanged.

Finland also fared better than its neighbors, even though the Nordic and Baltic countries are at the top of the list. Russia, on the other hand, is in 46th place.

In the list below, you can view the passports in the top ten and last places in the list.

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HENLEY & PARTNERS points out in its review that, in general, travel has been freed up in the history of listing, with the number of destinations on average rising from 107 to 57 among all passports.

Similar listings are being made by others other than Henley & Partners, points out U.S. media CNN. For example, consulting firm Arton Capital tops the list in the United Arab Emirates.

Finland has it too in the listing however, right next to the tip as the second or third, depending on the definition.

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