They rescue a bald cat that was tattooed in a prison in Mexico


They rescue a tattooed bald cat from a jail in Mexico

One of the tattoos they gave him is representative of a gang related to drug trafficking.


Municipal Government of Juarez

One of the tattoos they gave him is representative of a gang related to drug trafficking.

During a police operation they rescued the cat that had a tattoo made by a gang.

A case of animal abuse was reported by the authorities at the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) on Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. There they found a cat sphynx or sphinx cat breed with two tattoos, one of them with a representative symbol of a prison gang related to drug trafficking, according to local media.

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With the legend “made in Mexico” and an eagle, the authorities pointed to the narco gang of The Mexicles allies of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS).

According to the characteristics of the tattoo, the researchers point out that it is very possible that the cat has been subjected to very high levels of stress due to the sensitivity of its skin, since this breed has very fine, almost imperceptible hair.

Diego Poggio, head of the Municipal Pet Rescue and Adoption Animal Welfare team (RAMM), explained in the press release that the animal he is about 3 years old and is in good physical condition.

However, he has minor conditions such as an infection in his eyes and one ear, for which he is under observation.

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For now the animal is in a shelter where they are taking care of it.

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“It is part of a state government investigation, so is not up for adoption. They continue to give him the appropriate treatments, “said Giselle Rubio, the cat’s caretaker at the shelter, quoted by CNN.

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