Tennis | A white rectangle replaced the Russian flag on the world charts of tennis

Both ATP and WTA released their latest rankings on Monday.

Men professional tennis umbrella organization ATP replaced the Russian flag with a white rectangle on the world’s latest world list released on Monday.

The country code disappeared, among other things, from the top two players in the top ten Daniil from Medvedev and the seventh Andrei Rublevilta.

Tickets were also removed from Belarusian players. The highest of them has Ilya Ivashka ranked 41st.

Flaglessness is the way the ATP responds to Russia’s visit and Belarus’s supportive war of aggression in Ukraine. However, athletes can compete without country codes.

Also women’s professional tennis umbrella organization WTA removed flags and country codes from Russia and Belarus. There is not even a square in the place of the tickets used by the ATP.

The top ten on the world list released on Monday now has one unrecognized player, the third Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka. The highest of the Russian players is Anastasia Pavlyutshenkowith a ranking of 14th.

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