Television review The color of evil feeds the primitive desire to peek – The drama series takes a peek into the backgrounds of Finnish real-life serial killers by means of kitchen psychology

True events are used in the series only as material, and when done cheaply, the atmosphere is compromised first.

Glove crusher, poison nurse, serial choke. We also have real serial killers in Finland, and a new drama series The color of evil tear the veil against the backgrounds of these people. The perspective is on the doctors who examine them in a forensic psychiatric hospital.

However, it cannot be called a series of true crimes, as true events are used only as material. In reality, there were years between cases, but here the investigations overlap. It would be very interesting to know what the working days of Niuvanniemi Hospital really are like.

Protagonist is an experienced and respected doctor, Leena, who plays in her steady calm style Milka Ahlroth. He is interested in the root causes behind the murderers ’actions, but remains a bit unclear at the outset, which is why the prisoners are ultimately being investigated.

A young and arrogant Kaius is marched alongside Leena (Eero Ritala), which draws rapid conclusions about murderers, apparently from neurobiology.

Even in drama these research trends unfamiliar to the general public could be explained, but In the color of evil only the contradiction is underlined. The young man is threatened by the concentration of an experienced female doctor, peace of mind and – as you can soon guess – also a career. The editor-in-chief of the series is experienced and routine Miira Karhula.

Eero Ritala has little opportunity to bring tones to Kaius’ character. He is evil at first, and even worse at the end.

Series the cases are certainly still of interest, and the series appeals to a primitive desire to peek. The episodes follow interview sessions with murderers and doctors, during which they go back to the crimes themselves and beyond to the murderers ’past.

The result is a kitchen psychology about the murdered sexual needs of murderers and bad mothers, which is a big disappointment if you really wanted to understand the perverted human mind.

The world of attitudes conveyed by the series raises an embarrassing amount of questions. As if psychotherapy was just about revealing secrets. Why are they secrets?

Although In the color of evil being on the brink of wild things, it doesn’t scare anyone. When done cheaply, the atmosphere is compromised first. The long minus comes from the overwhelming catalog music that creates the weird Klang of past decades for the entire series.

Supervisor Olli Ilpo Salonen has done his job lightly, and not from the murderers From Jukka Rasila, From Jaana Saaris and Kari from Hietalahti shed just nothing but nasty expressions.

The color of evil, C More.

Forensic psychiatrists Leena Talvitie (Milka Ahlroth) and Kaius Helander (Eero Ritala) will interview the strangler Jania (Jukka Rasila).

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