Hockey HIFK’s Eetu Koivistoinen rivets with superiority and the team leads in the encounter of two half-crisis teams

Like HIFK, Tappara has gone quietly in the autumn League.

Helsinki IFK started stronger against two semi-crisis puck teams when IFK hit the board with a 2-0 lead in the first set.

The same readings remained after the second set as both teams crashed end to end with no hits.

First The HIFK team succeeded with superiority, which can be considered almost extraordinary. Towards the end of the batch Juha Jääskä spun forward from behind the goal and riveted past the front corner Christian Heljangon.

Tapparan Veli-Matti Vittasmäki took two minutes to cool to tie. HIFK did not get any superiority to roll, but like from scratch Eetu Koivistoinen fired a shot from distance after 30 minutes, but the long shot couldn’t find the net for fc. The clock stopped at 5.03.

Sentteri Otto Paajanen took the feed points for both goals.

Match is 2 to 0 for HIFK after two batches. HS follows the game.

With IFK has had great difficulty in the game of superiority. The team was the second weakest in the League before meeting Tappara.

Koivistoinen’s paint was a decoration for the statistics, although it did not come with the traditional pattern of superiority. Admittedly, who counts them.

The half-crisis is indicated by the fact that HIFK is ranked ten only slightly above the last playoff line in the league table.

Tappara is one notch and one point higher, but the team has still been successful in the Champions League, or CHL. IFK flew out of the CHL after losing to Frölunda on Tuesday. The loss was already the second for the Swedes.

HIFK got the central striker back in the CHL match Alex Broadhurstin, who plays against Tappara in the middle of the first battle.

The return of Broadhurst is likely to bring some relief to the middle lane.

Broadhurst last played in the IFK League on September 23 against the Turku Ball Club. Six league matches were missed.

Young hopeful Roni Hirvonen is missing from the configuration. Defender Eero Teräväinen moved to Kouvola earlier in the week.

In the goalkeeper department IFK has a special situation. Michael Garteig could come to the club as the number one guard, but the balance is miserable. He has not denied the team any victory.

Garteig last played in Gothenburg on Tuesday when IFK lost 1 to 4, so Niilo Halonen take responsibility for control.

HIFK have only four wins this season and Halonen have defeated in each of these matches.


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