Summer dress Taru Leinonen cools down in her backyard with her underwear and was amazed by the reactions: “They cover like a bikini”

The mother supervising her child in her underwear got long glances at the passers-by. Some people slowed down and stared at him in the corners.

Why in 2022 a woman is not allowed to be in her heat in her backyard in sheer lingerie without a disapproving look?

A 26-year-old from Rovaniemi pondered this question in Monday’s hot weather Taru Leinonen.

She sat in the inflatable pool supervising her bubbling child on the terrace next to her detached house. Since Rovaniemi also had a heat of almost 30 degrees on Monday, Leinonen was on the terrace in his underwear.

There is a bike path in front of the plot. The mother supervising her child in her underwear got long glances at the passers-by. Some people slowed down and stared at him in the corners.

Leinonen wrote about her experience on the Facebook Women’s Group and told about what happened. He asked:

“I got from almost everyone [ohikulkijalta] disapproving glances! Why on earth? What do you think if someone takes sun in their own yard in their underwear or else but sits in the yard when there is this ungodly heat wave? I’m just trying to understand what looks so bad in me that I had to look at a cheap sausage. ”

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In a group there was a lively debate on the matter.

Leinonen received a lot of encouraging comments. The majority of the interviewers thought that they could have as much as they wanted in their own yard – even in their underwear. Others said they had cooled down as well.

“There were also comments that maybe the sun was shining in people’s eyes and that’s why the corners were curled. And there were also a few comments about why you couldn’t put on a bikini, ”Leinonen tells HS by phone.

“Is it really such a terrible thing that I’m here in my underwear. After all, these underwear cover just as much as a bikini. Is that the material where that border goes, that a bikini is ok, but lingerie is not. ”

Naked he would not go to his own backyard in the conurbation, but in his underwear he sees nothing wrong.

It was pointed out in the FB debate that women’s and men’s underwear are still treated differently. This is also what Leinonen experiences.

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“The man has been boxers in this yard, too, and there have been no stern looks here. Women’s underwear is often perceived as sexual, but it is less often said that men have sexy boxers on their feet, ”says Leinonen.

“There’s been a lot of wallpaper now, including body peace and double standards, how bikinis are ok, but lingerie isn’t. Or that it’s ok for men to wear boxers or a shirt, but it wouldn’t be ok for women. “

Taru Leinonen

Leinonen says he is used to long glances in his hometown of Rovaniemi, as he has a lot of tattoos and brightly colored hair.

However, he is pleased that most of the FB interlocutors gave their approval to being underwear in the hot backyard. There was also an encouraging message from my own friends.

One message flashed in the corner of his eye: “next time he’s going to get there on the road”.

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“Yes, I’m still going to be there on the terrace with my underwear on while the child is swimming, if I feel that Underwear is more comfortable being there [helteessä]. ”

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