Space The first recording from Mars revealed that the voice has two speeds there

Information released by the microphone that came with the U.S. Space Agency’s NASA Perseverance spacecraft was reported in a study published by Nature magazine on Friday.

The first Sound recordings from the surface of Mars reveal that, unlike Earth, sound has two different speeds on Mars. According to the researchers, this would mean that a person would hear voices with a strange delay and the conversation would be awkward even from a few meters apart.

Information from the microphone that came with the NASA Perseverance spacecraft was reported Nature Journal in a study published on Friday.

The recording accumulated for a total of five hours and showed that Mars is a very quiet planet. In addition to the occasional gusts of wind, the microphone managed to record the flight sound of the Ingenuity miniature helicopter that traveled with the sonar, as well as the tricks that resulted from the Perseverance sonar’s laser beam hitting the rocks.

The measurement initially confirmed the previous assumption that the speed of sound on Mars is significantly slower, at 240 meters per second, compared to 340 meters per second on Earth. This is because the atmosphere on Mars is a hundred times thinner than on Earth and almost entirely carbon dioxide.

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Researchers however, they were amazed when the speed of sound produced by the laser was measured to be faster than 250 meters per second. It turned out that the higher sounds travel in the atmosphere of Mars faster than the low sound caused by the rotor of a miniature helicopter.

Study editor Sylvestre Mauricen according to this, this would mean that listening to an orchestra a little further away would sound strange, as the high and low tones of the music would reach the listener at different times.

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