Skiing After the medal ceremony, Iivo Niskanen raised a fierce dispute with Joni Mäki and told how the war axes were buried

After silver skiing, Iivo Niskanen raised an old dispute with Joni Mäki in Yle. After Thursday’s medal ceremony, the ski star told how the situation less than three years ago once was triggered.


Faces were naturally sunny after winning a pair of Olympic silver Iivo Niskanen and Joni Mäki arrived at a media interview point on Thursday after the medal ceremonies. Silver was already the third medal of these games for Niskan, and the first ever for Mäki at the Olympics.

“It was amazing to get to the awards ceremony at the big games. The Olympic medal has always been a big dream of mine, but I didn’t think I would achieve it in my first Olympics. Luckily a tough guy came along and made it possible,”

“We never get tired of these ceremonies. It was nice to come and kick the medal. Here we tasted the medal during the day and recovered enough to make it to the podium,” said Niskanen, a three-time Olympic champion.

Silver medalists.

In a double room has had enough of a smile since Wednesday, but both still remember the moment when they gritted their teeth together.

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In this case, Niskanen got excited to return to Wednesday’s Olympic final on his own initiative in Yle’s interview.

“In Äänekoski, in one of the Finnish Championships, Kolasin Joni. Perhaps war axes have been buried here in Pyhäjärvi.

In “Kolistelula”, the Kuopio resident referred to the clash that took place in the Finnish Championships in cross-country skiing in March 2019, which shocked the skiing crowd. Mäki and Niskanen crashed in the last exchange of the Finnish Championship pair message, which watered down the golden dreams of the Pohti Ski Team represented by Mäki.

At the time, the young ski promise gave the full-fledged Olympic winner Niskanen after the race.

“I have been taught not to make any movements in the exchange, but to go straight. Iivo started to turn right away. [varikko]to the stall, even though he was not in a hurry to get there, ”Mäki lamented.

Niskanen saw the situation differently and hit the counter with his own view of the contact situation.

“I had a feeling I wasn’t changing my line. If it’s 20 cents between me and the cone, it can hardly fit a big man,” he uploaded in March 2019.

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It’s interesting to know how the duo used to fit their quarrels.

“There were no miracles in it. Emotions belong to sports. Let’s just say it didn’t cause much drama. [yhteenotosta] we both knew it was there, ”Niskanen explained.

Parisprint’s silver was the third medal of the Beijing Olympics for Iivo Niskanen and the fifth Olympic medal of his entire career. For the first time, Joni Mäki got the taste of an Olympic medal.

Twosome will fly to home Finland on Friday. Next week, a cross-country skiing festival will be held in Finland, when the Stadium Sprint will be held in Helsinki and the Salpausselä World Cup in Lahti will start on Friday.

“We are going there [hiihtämään]. The races are coming soon, hopefully we will be able to celebrate [mitaleja] with our friends, ”Mäki said, enigmatically in the direction of Niskanen.

When asked about celebrating the medal, Niskan replied:

“Let’s celebrate the medal so that Joni wins in Lahti on Saturday and I will try to fix the situation at Holmenkollen at the latest [Oslossa]. ”

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Aren’t you going to compete in Lahti?

“Let’s see. Let’s not have fun. Let’s see what we come up with,” Niskanen said.

“The top idea now is that you should get home.”

Traditional After his 15-kilometer gold medal, Niskanen has already begun to refer in his speeches to his future goals outside of sports.

“Well, like I said, dreams have been achieved here on many fronts. Trying to find them in life and sports. You have to dream and implement, ”Niskanen said, without saying anything in more detail.

Due to the corona pandemic, top athletes in different countries have avoided even more outside contacts than usual. Niskainen praised his friends and close associates.

“We have to pay tribute to that discipline and commitment. Rima has been so high that no one wants to cause frost to our athletes by their own actions.”

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