Shakira and Karol G: a birthday present for Piqué is filtered: a bombshell


Shakira and Karol G.

The urban singer does not close the doors to ask for another collaboration.


Instagram: @Shakira / @Karolg

The urban singer does not close the doors to ask for another collaboration.

The two music stars have everything ready.

Karol G and Shakira They are preparing a tremendous bombshell for next February 2, the date on which the ex-soccer player will have his birthday, Gerard Piqué.

Everything indicates that the reggaeton singer took advantage of a sports event to send a subtle, but at the same time direct message to Shakira, with whom the Antioquian artist wants to coincide to create several musical productions and that could have materialized.

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Recently, Karol G published a photograph with a T-shirt with a message in support of the Barranquillera.

“It was great for you,” said the striking shirt that she wore and with which she confirmed her unconditional support for Shakira in the midst of the controversy over the song in which the artist directly criticizes her ex-partner Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend, Clara Chia.

The followers of the two Colombian singers consider that this moment would be the ideal for the women to unite and launch a song together, an idea that has been rumored for years.

New theme?

What he speculates is that the two artists have already prepared the theme that they will launch, precisely on February 2, for the birthday of Shakira’s ex.

According to journalists from the Mamarazzis podcast, it is almost certain that the new song will be heard that day.

In addition, they warned that the lyrics of the song would end with some phrases for the former Spanish national team and his girlfriend, Clara Chía Marti.

“A song in which Shakira will once again refer to Piqué and Clara, and will once again show her attitude as an empowered woman. The song is by Karol G, but don’t rule out a lyric from: ‘We women are up to here from the gentlemen who cheat on us,’ said Laura Fa, a journalist.
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