Seoul approves new sanctions against Pyongyang for failed satellite launch



North Korea

A woman follows the launch of a short-range missile.

A woman follows the launch of a short-range missile.

These new sanctions affect one company, the Ryukyong Program Development Entity.

South Korea today imposed new unilateral sanctions against the North over its failed attempt to put a satellite into orbit, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said.

These new sanctions affect a company, the China-based Ryukyong Program Development Entity, and its top manager, Ryu Kyong-chol, as well as four other people linked to the company.

Seoul believes that all of them are involved in the illegal financing and development of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction programs.

On August 24, Pyongyang tried unsuccessfully – for the second time this year – to put a reconnaissance satellite into orbit using a space rocket.

Seoul considers this action a covert test of long-range ballistic missiles (ICBM)
something the regime is prohibited by under UN Security Council resolutions.

It is the first time that a country has sanctioned Ryukyong or people related to the company.

This is the eleventh package of unilateral sanctions activated by Seoul since the conservative Yoon Suk-yeol came to power in 2022 and with what was approved today there are already 54 individuals and 51 organizations linked to North Korea punished by the current government.


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