Security Facebook’s parent company Meta: Seven intelligence companies have been phishing out user information on social media services

Meta says about 50,000 user accounts have been the subject of phishing scams. According to the company’s security director, the targeted users will receive an automated warning message.

Facebook parent company Meta released a report on Thursday, where it blames seven a private intelligence company about unauthorized access to information on Meta’s social media services.

Meta says it has deleted about 1,500 phishing profiles on Facebook, Instragram and Whatsap. According to the company’s press release, approximately 50,000 users in more than 100 countries have been the target of espionage attempts.

The practices of intelligence companies have included creating fake user accounts and phishing out other users’ information. Meta also blames some companies for hacking.

Meta’s Director of Security Nathaniel Gleicher says news agency Reuters public figures, politicians, journalists, lawyers, business leaders and ordinary citizens who have been the target of espionage.

According to Gleicher, profiles that have been the target of espionage attempts will receive an automated warning message.

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CompaniesMeta blames Black Cube, Cognyte, Verint, Bluehawk, Cobweb, Belltrox and Cytrox. Companies sell intelligence services to customers who buy them.

Spokesman for Cobweb Meital Levi Tal said the company uses only open sources of information and that the company ‘s services do not involve unauthorized intrusion in any way.

In its report, Meta does not disclose the means by which it has established that companies have been guilty of unauthorized means of obtaining information and hacking.

Meta says that in the future it will block the activities of the parties on its platforms, arguing that they have violated numerous terms of service.

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