Russian attack Russia says it will set up new military bases in response to NATO decisions – Military expert Pekka Toveri: Additions are not significant

Former Chief of Intelligence of the General Staff, Major General Pekka Toveri says that Shuigu’s comments must be treated with “extreme skepticism”.

Finland and Sweden’s NATO decisions form Russia’s defense minister Sergei Shawun according to the threat on Russia’s western border, say Reuters, AFP and Russia’s Ria Novosti, among others.

According to Shoigu, Russia intends to strengthen the men’s strength and combat readiness of its western military district.

“By the end of this year, we will be setting up 12 military units and divisions for our western military district,” Shouigu said at a televised news conference, according to AFP.

AFP says Shuigu also said that “the Russian army expects to receive more than 2,000 units of more military equipment and weapons.”

Former Chief of Intelligence of the General Staff, Major General Evp Pekka Toveri says Shuigu’s comments must be “extremely skeptical.”

“He’s talking about both the division and the units. A unit can mean anything from a company upwards. This is just a vaguely vague comment from Shuigu. ”

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The strength of one company is on average 100-200 soldiers. One division is a unit with a strength of 10,000 to 20,000 soldiers. Between these are other units: the division consists of several regiments consisting of several battalions, which in turn consist of several companies. In Finland, the division has been abandoned and replaced by brigades.

According to a comrade, “2,000 units more military equipment and weapons” can also mean almost anything from an armored cannon to a truck. According to him, the amount of equipment reported would refer to the equipment of no more than one brigade.

Pekka Toveri is skeptical of Shuigu’s comments.

Friend recalls that Russia has long established several so-called divisions in its western military district, which extends from mid-Finland to Ukraine. In practice, however, the strength of these divisions has been questionable.

“There the old brigades have been renamed and a division has been set up at their base. All the newly established divisions have been weak. ”

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According to a comrade, on average, Russia’s new division of the Western Military District has had half the strength it should have in the division.

If Russia is setting up new divisions near Finland, and they should not be particularly worried about their strength.

“In practice, the increase is not significant. There are currently no extra troops in Russia to concentrate near Finland. ”

“During the Cold War, there were almost 100,000 Soviet soldiers in the vicinity of Finland. Now that number is a third. ”

Rather, according to Tover, it is a question of Russia’s efforts to show its own strength. It is possible that Russia, for example, will hold some kind of solemn ceremony in honor of the establishment of “new divisions”.

Russian Reactions to Finland’s NATO application have been closely monitored in recent days.

On Monday, the president Vladimir Putin said that Russia has no problems with Finland or Sweden, so NATO expansion into these countries is not a direct threat to Russia. Instead, expanding military infrastructure would provoke a “reaction,” Putin said.

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A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday Marija Zaharova said Russia’s military-technical activities were a “surprise for Finland” and depended on the quality of NATO membership.

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