Russian attack France’s Macron called Putin and demands to leave nuclear power plants alone – IAEA chief ‘extremely concerned’ over Russian giant power plant

In addition, the French president expressed concern over the attack on the million-city city of Odessa.

6.3. 23:59

French president Emmanuel Macron called the president of Russia on Sunday To Vladimir Putin and immediately after the President of Ukraine To Volodymyr Zelensky.

In a call, Macron called on Russia to leave Russia in peace when it attacked Ukraine’s nuclear power plants.

This is how the content of the call was described on the website of the French presidential administration bulletin released on Sunday:

“He [Macron] underlined that guaranteeing the integrity of Ukraine’s civilian nuclear facilities is an absolute necessity and that the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency and its Director-General should be followed here. “

According to the press release, Putin said he would accept co-operation coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to ensure the safety of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants.

According to a French presidential official who spoke to the AFP news agency, Putin would also have said that attacking the nuclear power plants “was not his intention”. The official was quoted anonymously.

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In addition, Macron demanded that Ukraine’s nuclear power plants be secured under the leadership of skilled Ukrainian officials.

European concern The safety of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants woke up when a fire broke out at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in eastern Ukraine on Friday night. The fire broke out when Russian troops besieged the nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant is the largest in Europe.

The case also caused people in Finland to hoard iodine tablets, which ran out of many pharmacies. The military expert, on the other hand, was amazed that the area could be fought at all. Military Professor at the National Defense College, Lieutenant Colonel Janne Mäkitalo liked the case Yle in an interview “Completely incomprehensible”.

“Surely the leaders and analysts of European nuclear and radiation safety institutions could not have imagined the day when the phone rang in the morning and the Russian armed forces attacked the area of ​​Europe’s largest nuclear plant, used fire and some buildings are on fire,” he said.

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Now the big power plant is in the hands of the Russians. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Sunday that it had received information from Ukraine that the Ukrainian leadership of the power plant would now have to take orders from the Russian commander of the armed forces.

In addition, Ukraine has been told by the IAEA that the Russians have cut off at least some of its mobile and Internet connections and that telephone lines, e-mails or fax machines are no longer working.

Director General of the IAEA Rafael Grossi said in an organization bulletin that he was “extremely concerned” about the information he was told.

“In order for the facility to be used safely, management and personnel must be allowed to perform their essential tasks in stable conditions without undue outside interference or pressure,” Grossi said.

French President Macron also raised nuclear safety issues after calling on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after Putin and said presidential bulletin according to him that guaranteeing the integrity of nuclear power plants is essential.

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Macron and Zelenskyi also spoke about the plight of Ukrainian civilians, which is exacerbated by Russia’s increasing attacks on civilian targets. The evacuation of the port city of Mariupol failed again on Sunday. He promised France would increase aid further.

In addition to nuclear issues, Macron spoke to Putin about the importance of international law and guaranteeing the transportation of aid. He told Putin that he was particularly concerned about Odessa, a million-dollar city on the Black Sea coast, which he said threatened an “immediate” attack.

Macron told Putin that the war in Ukraine should end in a negotiation outcome that is “completely acceptable to the Ukrainians”.

According to an anonymous source in the French presidential interview interviewed by AFP, Putin told Macron that he intended to achieve his goal in Ukraine “either through negotiation or war”.

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