Royal Queen Elizabeth’s reign will be exactly 70 years old on Sunday, but the Platinum Festival will not be held until June: “The disruption of the festivities would not be considered good”

According to the historian, 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth has been adept at exercising her soft power. She is one of Britain’s longtime female rulers with Elizabeth I and Victoria.


On Sunday will be exactly 70 years old queen Elizabeth II rise to power. Never before has there been such a long-time ruler in Britain.

The Queen ‘s Platinum Feast (the so – called Platinum Jubilee) lasts all year round. However, the main festivities will not take place until the beginning of June on a four-day long weekend.

Why only then?

“The weather in England is better then,” says the historian, the professor Jane Ridley to foreign correspondents in London.

Queen Elizabeth and her wife Prince Philip in 1952.

Another reason is that the queen has never wanted to celebrate her father’s death. Elizabeth became queen only at the age of 25 when her father lived George VI died on February 6, 1952.

Queen Elisabeth at work, reading the government program in the upper house of parliament in May 2021.

Brittihovi has been in turmoil lately. The queen’s second eldest son, the prince Andrew’n has been claimed guilty sexual offenses. The civil trial in New York is expected to begin in the fall.

Queen and Prince Andrew at the Ascot gallop races in June 2019. Andrew, who has been shelved for royal representation, no longer appears in public.

In the past, the titles have included the Duchess of Sussex, i.e. Harry and Meghanin moving to the United States. The couple has given understandthat the British court was racist.

According to Professor Ridley, the scandals are unlikely to dampen the mood at the Queen’s Platinum Festival.

The Queen and her now-deceased wife, Prince Philip, are on their way to the Queen Granddaughter Eugene’s wedding in October 2018.

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The Queen, who is already 96 years old in April, is highly regarded in Britain. Even the harshest critics of the monarchy don’t want to ruin the Queen’s party.

“[Platinajuhlaa] is considered the Queen’s own anniversary. The harassment of the party would not be considered good, ”says Ridley, a professor of modern history at the University of Buckingham.

Ridley according to Queen Elizabeth has been adept at using her informal, or soft, influence.

He has no official power. However, the Queen has always wanted to stay informed. He and the current British Prime Minister have been in the habit of holding a meeting once a week.

“The queen is above politics. His job is to act as a unifying figure in crises. This was seen, among other things, during the pandemic. ”

In her speech in April 2020, the Queen encouraged the people perseverance.

The Queen’s 2021 Christmas speech was pre-recorded at Windsor Castle. In the foreground photograph, the queen is with her wife Philip, who died in April 2021.

The Queen’s legacy is high in work ethic: work above all else.

“People also see her as a kind of grandmother of the whole nation … and even a family member. Many people have dreams of the queen coming to tea, ”Ridley says

Queen has already had a silver festival (Silver Jubilee in 1977), the Golden Festival (Golden Jubilee in 2002) and the Diamond Festival (Diamond Jubilee in 2012).

Back in 1977, the queen was reportedly timid about holding a silver festival. Britain was in crisis, and the judgment of the people was feared in the court.

“However, the Silver Festival was a surprisingly big success. Four thousand street parties were held spontaneously across the country in honor of the Queen. ”

A street party with tea and sparkling wine service is also planned this year. Official Platinum Lunch Day (The Big Jubilee Lunch) on Sunday 5 June.

“A festive lunch can be big or small, a street party or a picnic, a barbecue in the garden or tea and cake … More than 1,400 people have already registered to host a festive lunch,” the British Court website is told.

Hovin There is also another official website party program.

A traditional birthday parade will be held on Thursday, June 2nd. (The Queen’s official birthdays and parades are usually always celebrated on the second Saturday in June, even though she was actually born on April 21. Again, the reason is the weather.)

The Royal Family attended the Queen’s Official Birthday Parade in June 2019.

On Friday, June 3, it is time for a festive service. Saturday, June 4th goes to horse racing. On the same evening, a large gala concert will be held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Large quantities of souvenirs such as tea cups have already been made in honor of the Queen’s platinum festival.

Smaller celebrations are held throughout the year in Britain as well as in other member states of the Commonwealth. People are also encouraged to plant trees.

Queen Elizabeth and Crown Prince Charles launched an anniversary tree planting campaign as early as last October in Scotland.

It has received a lot of attention competition for the anniversary dessert (The Platinum Pudding). The deadline for sending recipes expired on Friday.

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Professor RIDLEYN according to Queen Elizabeth II settles in the same continuum of long-lived and influential queens Elizabeth I. and the queen of her great-grandmother Viktorian with.

“Once the ruler has been a woman, the reign has been long and successful.”

The Renaissance Queen Elizabeth I ruled England and Ireland for 45 years from 1558 to 1603.

“It was a time of prosperity and culture, and also a time of Shakespeare.”

For the whole naming the era, Viktoria ruled for 63 years from 1837 to 1901. It was Viktoria who also began celebrating the anniversary.

“Victoria was a hermit, she had withdrawn from publicity after her husband died. But when he heard the people cheering on the street [juhlallisuuksien aikana]he burst into tears. ”

However, the longest-serving ruler in Europe is – at least for the time being – known as the Sun King of France Ludwig XIV. He ruled for as many as 72 years from 1643 to 1715.

Often the question posed is whether Queen Elizabeth will eventually relinquish power. Maybe a platinum celebration would be a good time to retire?

Professor Ridley doesn’t think the queen will leave before her time. There are too many unpleasant memories associated with the idea of ​​relinquishing power: Uncle Edward VIII gave up the crown in 1936 to marry an American Wallis Simpsonand the deeds of the ruler fell on the neck of the father of the little brother, or queen.

Equally, the professor believes that the prince Charles, 73, becomes king after the death of his mother. The grandson or prince William39, does not displace his father.

“The monarchy is that you can’t choose. Charles is next in line … and he is very well prepared for his job. ”

The Queen attended the opening of the parliamentary term in October 2019.

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