Reader’s Opinion | The service path for work-based immigration must be fixed

In terms of Finland’s growth and competitiveness, it is extremely important to get experts to Finland.

in Helsingin Sanomat was written (1.6.), that the number of work-related residence permit applications has more than tripled from the level of 2015 and is now in danger of becoming overcrowded. The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have both warned that without additional resources, work-related immigration may become a crisis in the next government term. The message must be taken seriously.

In terms of Finland’s growth and competitiveness, it is extremely important to get experts to Finland. The competition for these talents is global, so Finland must strive to be the best in the world, not just good. For this reason, the processes related to entry and integration must be smooth.

It is clear that the processes for work-based immigration are currently too complicated.

The recommended solution would be a guarantee of a two-week service promise for the expert who comes here. This service promise should include a work permit, opening a bank account, employment for the spouse and, if necessary, a daycare or school place for the child. The human resources mentioned by Migri and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are necessary, but it would also be essential to develop the immigration processes into smooth digital service paths.

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The vision could be that physical identification is carried out only once, for example at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, during which all the necessary data on the immigrant is collected. Data usage rights are licensed in such a way that all authorities involved in the licensing process have access to it. Regarding permit processes, we should also move towards the one-stop shop principle, so that as many permit matters as possible could be finalized by one instance, such as the Immigration Office.

In order to promote this whole, the project on digital identity reform, which was left unfinished during the last government term, should be quickly completed in order to make digital transactions smooth. In order for the changes to actually be put into practice, the new government must allocate clear scheduling and financial resources to this. Work should start immediately.

Riikka Pakarinen

managing director

Finnish startup community

Ilkka Paananen

CEO, Supercell

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