Population growth Helsinki’s population growth slowed last year, although more babies were born as a result of the baby boom

Despite the slowdown in population growth, more children were born than before and the share of foreign speakers among Helsinki residents increased.

Helsinki population growth slowed last year. Clearly fewer people moved to the city than before, according to the new city office in the publication.

According to the publication, in the 2010s the population of Helsinki has grown by an average of 6,800 inhabitants per year, but last year the growth was only about half of this.

The slowdown in population growth is partly due to the fact that more people moved out of Helsinki than elsewhere in Helsinki. Although emigration remained unchanged, fewer and fewer within Finland moved to Helsinki and more and more left.

Helsinki lost residents within Finland to neighboring municipalities, frame areas and other parts of Uusimaa. In addition, income migration from Finland outside Uusimaa decreased significantly compared to previous years.

At the turn of the year, a total of about 660,000 people lived in Helsinki.

Foreign language the number of residents continued to grow last year. Last year, Helsinki’s migration gain was based on foreign-speaking residents, as the number of Finnish-speaking residents decreased and Swedish-speaking residents remained unchanged.

At the turn of the year, 16.6 per cent of Helsinki’s population spoke a language other than Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue.

The largest foreign-language groups in Helsinki were Russian-speaking, Somali-speaking and Estonian-speaking. However, a total of about 140 different languages ​​were spoken as mother tongues in the city.

Osan population growth was brought about by increased birth rates. About 6,600 children were born in Helsinki last year, which is four percent more than in the previous year.

Women had an average of 1.15 children in Helsinki last year. Despite the growth, the birth rate was almost one-fifth lower than the national level.

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