Parliament “After the nuclear war, no one will lay down their bodies,” said the Left Alliance’s Black Lake, the Coalition’s Zyskowicz praised the government – this is how the historic NATO debate in Parliament progressed

9:50 a.m., parliamentary cup

Prime minister, group speeches, debate. How long does it take?

Member of the Left Alliance from Nakkila Jari Myllykoski snoozes the dimensions of the speeches on the side of the screen in the cup of parliament.

“That’s where I think because I have to say my position,” he says.

Half past four go, Myllykoski counts.

Jari Myllykoski (left) went down in the cup of parliament as his speech came.

In a very short time, at ten o’clock in the morning, a debate is about to begin in the Great Hall of Parliament, at the end of which MPs will take a stand on applying for NATO membership.

The moment is historic, Myllykoski thinks.

It’s not easy.

Myllykoski is one of the few MPs who has not yet stated his final position to the public. In the Left Alliance, several representatives oppose the decision. Myllykoski has also been against the military alliance and is still critical.

However, the stock has now matured during the process, he says.

“I have been waiting yet, although the decision has been taking shape in how Sweden will react. And that yesterday [Ruotsin] the decision of the demarches there confirms this one foot of ours. ”

You can read between the lines that Myllykoski can’t seem to print red. It is reported that it will be heard in the speech.

Buzzer starts ringing to start the conversation.

The longest-serving Member of Parliament, the Coalition Party Ben Zyskowicz it hurts that the cup has a bit of a big sports celebration on a big NATO day.

“But I don’t think anyone is worth it here, I mean mainly the Coalition, ventilate or statue. An extremely broad consensus has been reached here. ”

Zyskowicz says to present a slightly heretical view as a representative of the opposition.

“I even think the president, but also the government, has done a really good job here. And I am not entirely convinced that if there had been a government in the country other than this left-wing government, there would have been an equally broad consensus on Finland’s NATO membership. ”

10 a.m., Plenary Hall

Parliamentary the President Matti Vanhanen (middle) gavel knocks on the table.

The cameras crackle. The media gallery is quite full, and the audience is there anyway. All 19 government ministers sit in line in the barn.

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At the beginning of the debate, Vanhanen states that there will be no vote on Monday. There are so many requests to speak. At least on Tuesdays it goes.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SD) spoke at the NATO debate in Parliament.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) to begin. He briefly justifies the government’s policy to apply to NATO.

“The only country that is threatening European security and is now openly at war with aggression is Russia,” says Marin.

“I believe that I am speaking on behalf of many when I say that our common task is to safeguard Finland’s independence, Finland’s integrity and the opportunity for Finns to live their lives in security and peace in all situations.”

“Well said!” Zyskowicz, known for his interjections, shouts.

“Excellent work!” the ranks of the Coalition are encouraged at the end of the speech.

After the conversation continues, the Winter and Continuation War are strongly on display.

Chairman of the Coalition Party Petteri Orpo take out the infantry general Adolf Ehrnrothinwho is said to have said as a lesson of the Winter War: “Never again alone.”

“Now our generation can answer him, ‘Lord General, we will never be alone again!’ The orphan says.

The shop now Harry Harkimo tells of his father, who defended Finland in the wars.

Christian Democrats Päivi Räsänen recalls Mannerheim’s daily command.

After the group speeches have been made, Vanhanen asks those representatives who want to speak in response to stand up.

Almost the entire hall rises. Many want to clearly record their positions and arguments in history books.

Conversation during which the spirit is quite broadly in favor of NATO. Critical speeches are mainly from the ranks of the Left Alliance and the Power of the People From Ano Turtiainen.

At least the Left’s alliance is being revealed by its positive NATO positions Aino-Kaisa Pekonen and Sdp Johannes Koskinen.

Opposition to the Left Alliance Markus Mustajärvi says that as a member of NATO, Finland would be between NATO’s leading front and the nuclear powers. Military power may increase, but security may decline.

“After the nuclear war, no one will drop their bodies anymore.”

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Some of the people’s representatives take their thoughts on what a NATO country Finland should be like. For example, Finland’s relations with nuclear weapons as a member of NATO are being discussed.

The Greens Inka Hopsu points out that Sweden appears to be taking an active stand in the field of nuclear-weapon-free Nordic countries and disarmament.

“This is a good line in which the Nordic countries should work together long-term to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons.”

Minister of Defense Antti Kaikkonen (center) talks about nuclear weapons. He says there are no restrictions or declarations on NATO membership agreements. It is a different matter, then, whether a NATO country would otherwise want to pursue its policy separately.

“But I can say on this issue without separate declarations that we are not going to seek nuclear weapons to be placed on Finnish soil, and no one is pushing for them.”

12.20 pm, parliamentary cup

At noon, crowds begin to flow from the hall for lunch into the cup.

A producer of South Korea’s Broadcasting Corporation KBS is also sitting on the beetroot soup Lee Haedon.

Finland’s NATO decision has received widespread international media attention. On Monday, there were also journalists from several different countries. There were 20–30 registered representatives of the international media.

South Koreans are interested in Finland’s NATO decision from a broader geopolitical angle. The countries have a similar position: both Finland and South Korea are surrounded by great powers, South Korea is China and Finland is Russia, Haedon says. Assistant living in Finland Boyoung Lee interpret.

Park Chanjun (left) and Lee Haedon of South Korea’s Broadcasting Corporation KBS, and Boyoung Lee, who served as an assistant, over lunch at the Parliament Cup.

They have one overriding concern about the parliamentary debate. There are shouts in the local parliament and there have been some decent physical fights.

“Everyone here is pretty calm. They are very civilized, ”says Haedon.

13.20, President’s Square

The debate in the Chamber continues. However, journalists move from the gallery and the cup to the President’s Square. President Vanhanen and four US senators have met and now they are commenting on their discussions.

Republican leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell assures that the United States will ratify Finland’s NATO membership quickly.

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“Finland’s membership in the NATO team will be approved as soon as possible in the United States by a cross-party majority, a significant cross-party majority,” he says.

Republican President of the U.S. Senate Mitch McConnel spoke to reporters in Parliament.

16.05, Parliament Cup

Soon after, the phone starts getting news alerts. The Swedish government has decided that Sweden will apply for NATO membership.

Myllykoski of the Left Alliance and basic Finns Jari RonkainenVice – Chair of the Defense Committee, are sitting with refreshments and praising Sweden ‘s decision.

Myllykoski has already given his speech. It was handwritten on paper. However, he did not state his position, as there was no vote on Monday.

In his speech, Myllykoski stated that Finland is a future NATO country, no matter how he votes. He made one wish for the coming NATO era.

“While it was repulsive to hear the interests of Russia brought in last year, which sadly brought to mind the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, I would like us to avoid having military exercises on American planes on the border on Victory Day. In other words, all that provocation on our eastern border will be avoided, ”Myllykoski said.

5 p.m., State Hall

In the adjacent State Hall, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto (green) gives interviews. He, too, commends Sweden’s NATO decision.

“It feels very good. And it is said that if we could a little along the way influence Sweden to rush its own decision-making and end up with a positive decision, then we are satisfied with it, ”says Haavisto.

Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) spoke to the media.

The debate in the Chamber is still ongoing. After seven hours of debate, there are still a hundred requests to speak.

Haavisto laughs that when Sweden someday said to apply a little brake, now they themselves have to apply the brakes of the day while Finland is still debating.

Even shortly before the seven requests to speak, there are 70.

President Vanhanen calculates that if there are no more, the debate will end at one o’clock at night.

A NATO decision is still expected on Tuesday.

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