Motorsport Rally legend Sebastien Ogier takes on a new challenge – driving the WEC track set and also the 24-hour run of Le Mans

Ogier says he has nothing to prove.

Rally driving eight-time world champion, Frenchman Sebastien Ogier makes its summer debut in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Ogier, 38, runs the WEC endurance series for track racing at the Richard Mille Racing garage sponsored by Swiss watchmaker, stable announced on Monday.

“Exciting and at the same time a little scary, ”Ogier described his new challenge to news agency AFP.

According to the Richard Mille team, Ogier is driving the MP2 (Le Mans Prototype), the WEC’s second-highest class under the main series Hypercar.

Ogier takes turns in a solo car with two other French drivers, only in their twenties. Lilou Wadoux’n and Charles Milesin with. In Le Mans, the trio then work together.

“This is going to be a great experience, and it’s good to start like this (at this level). The probability that I will succeed in endurance times is still quite low. And that’s the challenge I like, ”Ogier thought.

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“I feel pretty relaxed about this. I have nothing to prove after what I did at the rally.2

Rally In the World Series, Ogier plans to drive selectively in the ranks of the Toyota team. The season started in second place in the Monte Carlo Rally. Toyota is also joining the endurance series, and Ogier tested its Hypercar in November and again last week.

“It wouldn’t be smart to have Toyota (in the WEC) right away. I have to go step by step, make progress before I see what is feasible in the future, ”Ogier acknowledged his Toyota options in rail racing.

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