Ukraine So many unwarranted bomb threats have been made in Ukraine that they are already disrupting the country’s daily lives – threats are being blamed for Russia’s hybrid warfare

Police said they had already inspected more than 3,000 sites due to threats during the first three weeks of this year.

Sodan In addition to the threat, the nerves of Ukrainians have been plagued by numerous false bomb threats in recent weeks, news agencies say.

According to Ukrainian authorities, bomb threats in various parts of the country are part of Russia’s hybrid war.

Ukrainian police force say they have checked 339 bomb threats in the first three weeks of this year. That’s about half of all bomb threats last year.

As a result of the threats, police have had to inspect about 3,200 different targets. All threats have been unfounded.

According to the news agency AFP, there have been eleven bomb threats this year in the city of Zhytomyr alone, with a population of about 260,000. One of the threats was an email claiming that bombs had been placed on all the city’s schools and shopping malls.

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“This is one form of hybrid warfare. Generating chaos, uncertainty about tomorrow and constant stress. This is forcing schools to take distance learning and businesses to close their doors, ”the mayor interviewed by AFP Serhi Sukomlyn said to AFP.

EU East Stratcom, the Eastern Communications Unit by Disinformation about Ukraine has increased and become more aggressive since the end of last November. According to the EU, traces of disinformation lead to Russia.

Ukrainians are also in the midst of ongoing confusing news, as the United States, for example, is convinced that Russia is preparing to attack Ukraine in the near future.

Russia has relocated about 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border, according to Western countries. However, Russia claims that it has no intention of attacking Ukraine and that the United States has not shown any evidence of intent to attack, such as Russia’s UN ambassador. Vasili Nebenzja said Monday.

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According to the news agency Reuters, the Russian authorities have accused Ukraine of bomb threats against Russian kindergartens, schools and shopping malls.

A Ukrainian pioneer introduced imitations of various ammunition and explosives to schoolchildren in Kiev last Thursday. The training is linked to the recent increase in bomb threats in Ukraine.

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