Labor struggles | The strike of cleaners and property managers will take place, no agreement can be reached in the last-minute negotiations

About 25,000 employees are affected by the two-day strike.

The cleaners and the general strike of property managers starts next night. The strike was confirmed when the Service Industry Trade Union PAM and Real Estate Employers failed to reach an agreement in their last-minute negotiations in the afternoon.

Earlier today, PAM had already rejected the reconciliation proposal made yesterday by the national mediator.

The strike starts as soon as the day changes to Thursday. About 25,000 employees in 16 companies are affected by the two-day strike. The strike concerns work under the collective agreement in the real estate service sector, for example at ISS Palvelut Oy, Kotikatu Oy, RTK-Palvelut Oy and SOL Palvelut Oy.

PAM says that he is aiming for better pay for low-income workers with the strike.

“The strike is our only way to influence the employer companies at this stage. We apologize for any inconvenience to customers affected by the strike,” says PAM’s chairman Annika Rönni-Sällinen in the bulletin.

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According to PAM, inflation has specifically hit low-income earners, many of whom work in, for example, the real estate service industry.

Rönni-Sällinen told STT earlier today that PAM rejected the national mediator’s settlement proposal because the wage settlement in it was too low. The employer side would have accepted the settlement proposal.

The cleaners and the property managers’ strike affects a very wide range of different industries and locations around Finland. The strike affects, for example, shops, offices and agencies, public transport, industrial plants and hotels. In addition, the strike affects, for example, the maintenance work of building societies and house cleaning.

PAM chairman Rönni-Sällinen told STT yesterday that about a third of the industry’s workers are on strike.

According to PAM, there are thousands of sites where companies take care of cleaning and property maintenance.

The strike is limited to cleaning work related to surgical procedures in specialized medical care, food industry locations where animals are slaughtered, and cleaning and property maintenance work at nuclear power plants.

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The strike does not apply to emergency work or tasks where it would endanger vital activities for society or cause significant damage to the public interest. Employers have had to apply for a separate exemption permit from PAM for these.

PAM’s organizational director Risto Kalliorinne told STT yesterday that exemption permits have been applied for around five hundred sites. Several dozen permits have been granted.

“Exemption permits have been granted with great consideration and for sites where it is estimated that there is a danger to human life or public safety,” he said.

Next a notice has been given for the week about the third strike in the real estate service industry. It would start on Thursday of next week and last for three days. At that time, around 27,000 employees in 18 companies would be covered by the strike.

The first, smaller strike was last week.

Mediation of the labor dispute in the real estate service industry will continue next Monday, the national mediator’s office said on Twitter.

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