Janna answers | My child’s jokes annoy his friends, and he often gets into arguments – What can be done to help?

When a child gets into arguments, the child psychiatrist advises to use a cartoon-like style as one of the aids.

The article is part of a series of articles in which child psychiatrist Janna Rantala answers questions posed by readers. He writes his answer at a general level without knowing the reader’s situation in more detail.

My child is a lively mischievous person. He has many things on his mind. Of all the friends, however, my child’s antics are not fun, and he often gets into arguments. Sometimes he has also been pushed or hit. How to deal with the matter constructively? Nothing justifies aggressive behavior. I still don’t want to give my child the message that his behavior is the reason for others’ aggression (although sometimes it is). I also wouldn’t want my child to have to curb his fun and energetic nature too much.

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