HS Vantaa An empty school in Corso can become a fascinating precedent and a parade example of how to give new life to old buildings

The former students of Korso School started on Monday at Leppäkorvi’s new unit school. The old school building may have a new, glorious future ahead of it.

Korson the pupils of the school moved to the new Leppäkorvi unit school on monday, but the days in the school building are by no means counted.

Korso School may flourish again – but as something other than Korso School. In addition, it will be in the international spotlight: the buildings of the former Korso school will represent Vantaa and Finland in an EU project looking for new uses for the old buildings.

The Circular Construction In Regenerative Cities project (Circuit) seeks to boost the circular economy of construction, for example by examining how the life of buildings could be extended by renovating or changing the use of buildings.

What kind purpose of Korso’s former school then could be renovated? That is something that is now being discussed in Vantaa together with the Department of Architecture at the University of Tampere.

“For example, hobbies, adult education, housing services, facilities suitable for association activities and the circular economy business,” lists the project coordinator. Kimmo Nekkula From the City Center of Vantaa.

Temporary continued use of the building is also possible. That is, it is used for some other purpose for a few years and then dismantled.

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Although no decisions have been made about the fate of the school, it is certain that the building will not be demolished for at least a couple of years.

The indoor swimming pool will continue to operate until the new one is completed at Elmo Sports Park in 2025. Sports clubs have been allowed to use the school halls at least during the spring – if the coronavirus situation allows it.

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The school, built in 1959, is not protected in the town plan.

In the empty even in classrooms, heat of fourteen to fifteen degrees is kept to prevent moisture from condensing inside the building.

“We had a review at school with the University of Tampere in the autumn and the structures seemed dry. The plinths are good and the water roof has not leaked. In the past, only a few organic materials have been used in the construction, so it is not prone to microbial damage, ”the City of Vantaa Business Area Manager Pasi Salo says.

The school’s ventilation system does not meet modern requirements, and according to Salo, the building will have to be renovated if a new, longer-term use is invented for it.

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However, there are many spaces in the building that can be used immediately, such as the kitchen and household classes.

Could they take adult cooking classes, for example?

“It’s not accessible by public transport next to the school, and that might prevent it from being used as an adult college,” Salo says.

Tampereen the university has calculated the carbon footprint effects for three remediation options of different magnitudes. Options include light repair, medium heavy overhaul, and heavy energy repair. The research results on the alternatives will be made public in about a year.

“If the school were to be converted into residential or service apartments, it would be an easy solution for Vantaa in the sense that the renovation would be paid for by someone else. The width of the building’s frame would enable service housing, for example, ”says Salo.

The school, built in 1959, is not protected in the town plan, so there is no obstacle to its demolition.

“It’s not an ugly school and it represents its era well. It looks just fine, it doesn’t really cloud the landscape, ”says Salo.

Current the town plan does not allow the school to be converted into dwellings.

“If a town plan change is ever made, the building must be suitable for its environment,” East Vantaa town plan architect Noora Koskivaara says.

Thus, even if the school were demolished and the layout changed, tall apartment buildings would hardly be built on the site.

“I would see that high construction in the middle of a detached house area is not natural,” says Koskivaara.

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In the Circuit project more than thirty parties are involved, including the City of Copenhagen, the City of Hamburg and ReLondon in London.

From Finland, the project involves HSY, the City of Vantaa, the University of Tampere, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Recycling Center, Ramboll Finland Oy and Umacon Oy.

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