HS in Ukraine A mother fleeing the war was waiting for the birth to start in a queue at the Polish border: “When I was in the hospital, Russia started bombing Kharkiv”

The flow of fugitives continued on Wednesday at the Polish-Ukrainian border at the Krakow border crossing.

Krakovets, Ukraine

In single file the border crossing involves children crying. Authorities guide people to stay in a multi-line queue.

A broken cat transport box has been thrown around the road. It’s full of rubbish.

It is cold to leave the homeland behind, the temperature close to zero.

The couple kissed at the border crossing.

In single file towards Poland is, among other things, eight years old Sonia Havrylenko. He has taken a plush toy tiger with three names on his evacuation: Nora, Ellenoora and Ella.

“I gave the names when Dad called for it. I wanted to give three names because then there are options. ”

Sonia goes embarrassed and a tear comes into the girl’s eyes when she is asked about the war and the president Vladimir from Putin. Sonia’s father remained in Kharkov, which has been heavily bombed.

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Also for mom, Evgenia Žarikovalla, there are abstentions in tears. Sonia’s father has been assigned to the ranks in the mobilization. Therefore, there are mainly women and children in the refugee queue, only a few men. Zharikova is convinced that Ukraine will survive the war as a winner.

“My faith in our soldiers is strong. This is not like in 2014, we are ready now. ”

Zharikova refers to the time in 2014 when Russia occupied the Crimean peninsula belonging to Ukraine and began to support the war in eastern Ukraine.

Evgenia Zharikova fled Ukraine to Poland with her daughter Sonia Havrylenko on Wednesday.

From Ukraine an estimated one million people have fled the Russian invasion, nearly 400,000, to Poland.

In the border queue, Finnish guests want to show a mobile video about the bombing of Kharkov.

“Have you seen this? Everything has been destroyed, ”says one of the refugees.

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There is also a queue Dylhushbeckin a family that has lived in Ukraine for 18 years. Father, last pregnant wife and three children.

“We don’t know if our home and cafe in Kharkov are no longer in the wake of the bombings,” the husband says.

“Of course we will be back if the war ends. All our children were born here, this is our second homeland. ”

The family’s plan is to go first to Poland and from there to Uzbekistan to their grandparents. The acute problem, however, is the birth of the family’s wife, which should begin at any moment.

“We have lived in the basement since the attack. When I was in the hospital, Russia started bombing Kharkiv. ”

The teenage daughter of the family Mokhysar says he longs for his friends in Ukraine, an Islamic school and all the good memories. Fortunately, there is social media that Mokhysar says keeps in touch with his friends.

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“Oh, what would I like to say to Putin? That would end the war and bring peace back. ”

People queuing at the border at the Krakow border crossing in Poland on Wednesday.

Almost a million people have already fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

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