HS Helsinki The beloved checkout closed in Katajanokka: The store was drowned in a flower bush when the importance of the seller to the entire district became clear to everyone

Alepa’s saleswoman Brenda Lindenberg stopped working in Katajanokka, and as a result, customers came to the store in large numbers. “Yes, that’s where I moved,” Lindenberg says.

If Katajanokka in Helsinki should vote for a favorite person in the district, 23 years old Brenda Lindenberg would undoubtedly get a huge catch.

He’s at Alepa’s checkout – or was until last Sunday. At that time, Lindenberg had his last working day at the Naval Warehouse store. And what did the customers do? Came in large numbers to the store and drowned Lindenberg in hugs and flower buds. The children had made drawings depicting a smiling Lindenberg.

“Many said it would be boring and wished a good sequel. Yes, that’s where I moved, ”says Lindenberg.

Is not it is quite common to take flowers to the checkout in Helsinki, let alone to miss him. Are the junipers exceptional residents, or is Lindenberg just himself so wonderful?

Lindenberg laughs.

“Katanokka is a small place, a bit like its own village, and there are wonderful people here.”

“I knew I liked it. I reportedly exudes positivity and kindness. And sometimes someone said it was a better day to come to the store and talk to me, ”Lindenberg says.

Lindenberg moved to Katajanokka at the age of six with her family and visited Aleppo as a customer numerous times since she was a little girl. As a schoolboy, he applied to a convenience store for a tet session and later for summer jobs.

Growing up, Lindenberg became Alepa’s salesman. Over the years, many customers became so familiar that surnames could be rejected.

“It was very often between the shelves that Brenda was coming to help. And if even though I was on a week’s vacation, my colleagues were asked where Brenda is and I guess she hasn’t left. ”

The abundance of praise still came as a surprise. Special mention was made of Lindenberg’s kindness, good service and the fact that he has created a warm atmosphere for the store. For many, Lindenberg was “that best trade aunt,” like a 3-year-old Tarmon in the drawing provided.

In other families with children, he will probably be missed.

“One mother once said that the child would not have wanted to leave the kindergarten for shopping at all, but agreed when the mother said to go see if Brenda was there.”

“I cheered every customer happily and if someone asked how my day has gone, I answered and asked back. I could even ask where you are coming from or what you are up to. ”

The best The salesperson’s job was when she was allowed to exchange news with customers, Lindenberg says. He smiled at everyone and helped whenever needed. Maybe he’s not used to such immediacy, and that’s why it’s gratifying, he thinks.

“When I go to the store with my customer myself, I’ve noticed that the salesperson may not even greet me. I think the seller is the customer service. I cheered every customer happily and if someone asked how my day has gone, I answered and asked back. I could even ask where you are coming from or what you are up to. ”

For Lindenberg himself, the departure is wistful. So, after his last day at work, he made an update to the Facebook pages of the Katajanokka district group, thanking customers for the past five years. The post has been responded to with likes more than 300 times and has garnered dozens of comments.

One Facebook comment praised the brisk salesman who “ran into thieves too”.

Lindenberg smiles.

“Yeah it was one Friday when I was in turn and started running after a shoplifter. I guess the customer has seen this then. I guess I shouldn’t have even done that, but it just felt like the store was like a second home for me and no stuff was taken from there. ”

Lindenberg stopped as a seller, as he starts working in a kindergarten in Laajasalo. However, after the familiar Alepa, he is not going to leave, that is clear.

“Even though I moved to Herttoniemi in 2017, my family still lives in Katajanokka. I will definitely visit there,” Lindenberg plans.

Some of the clients remain in Lindenberg’s life also because they have become friends with each other in civilian life.

“There are really warm gaps with some. Once, for example, one mother gave me her phone number, and we went to the wine together and spend the evening, ”Lindenberg says.


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