Hockey The female lion’s star admitted after the bronze game: “I missed Noora Rätyä” – great grief awaits at home

Experienced Michelle Karvinen and Jenni Hiirikoski already won their third Olympic medal. It tasted good after the hard steps.

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Female lions Michelle Karvisen emotional states sailed from side to side during the Olympics.

After the losing semi-final, he had sold his land.

After winning the bronze match in the interview area, Karvinen was happy and sighed with relief. He is already receiving his third Olympic medal in his prize cabinet.

“I couldn’t have dreamed of that,” Karvinen said.

“This is hugely great and doesn’t even feel real yet.”

Female lions the trip to the Olympic bronze was bumpy. There was a lot of hustle and bustle along the route and a change of coach during the tournament.

“We have handled things well. This has not been easy,” says Karvinen and also refers to the corona situation.

“We have to go for tests every day and hope everything went well. We didn’t have any infections, so we’ve succeeded.”

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In addition to the team’s contradictions, Karvinen has also dealt with a personal crisis during the Olympics.

He previously told the Sanoma Olympic editorial that he had received sad news just before the start of the tournament. Karvinen’s loved one was dead.

“It’s hard to come home with a medal when he’s not there. But I know he’ll be proud of me,” Karvinen said with tears in his eyes.

Karvinen described the deceased as his “second mother”.

Female lions keeper Anni Keisala ended his tournament in the best possible way: to the zero game.

So the Lions weren’t really crashed, but Karvinen said he dug Noora Rätyä to the Olympics. As a friend.

“I’ve played all my career with Noora. For me personally, it is [Rädyn jättäminen joukkueesta] was difficult. I hoped that a solution would be found to the situation. Both [Räty ja Pasi Mustonen] know what I think of the situation. ”

“The goalkeepers here played great. But as a friend – of course I missed Noora here,” Karvinen said, adding that the team had handled the matter well.

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Karvinen, 31 years old, will move to the rest of the season to play for the Chinese team in the Russian main league. After the bronze medal match, he announced his enthusiasm to play in the World Cup hosted by his native Denmark next fall, so at least his career is not coming to an end.

Captain and a team leader Jenni Hiirikoski described the Women’s Lion Olympics as a “great growth story”.

“There have been moments I haven’t encountered in my career before. I’m proud of how well we as a team were able to translate and handle them,” Hiirikoski said.

Jenni Hiirikoski again bore great responsibility.

He called the turning point of the tournament a stabbing Swiss defeat as the turning point of the tournament. At the time, the Lions seemed to be in a great crisis.

“It left me pretty hungry. We knew we weren’t playing at the level we could play. We wanted to show where we were. In the last game, we got everything on the field.”

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Hiirikoskika, 34, who has experienced everything and has risen to the club with three Olympic medals, is hardly about to end his career immediately. He still didn’t speculate on whether it was even the last Olympic match.

“I don’t know. Let’s see!”

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